Some of the most fun this sexy festival girl has ever had has been at raves.

I’ve been to more raves, outdoor concerts, and music festivals than I can count. This sexy festival girl travels all over the world for the kind of high you can only feel at these festivals. It’s hard to explain the magnitude of debauchery you’ll experience if you’ve never been to one. And that’s not even talking about the concert itself!

I’m high on life orifice – er… officer!

Sexy Festival Girl

Getting high or drunk isn’t recommended or encouraged at these types of events. It says on their websites, and sometimes on their tickets, that you shouldn’t bring legal (or illegal) substances. They always have first-aid tents set up and a puking college kid outside them about every 20 or so feet. Having said all that, virtually everybody is on something. My first time attending an EDM rave, I planned on staying completely sober. Waves of weed smoke float through the air. You feel it. And smell like it. After that, the show begins. First, the thumping music hits. Then, the hypnotic light show cranks up. Finally, the fireworks explode.

It’s a rave, baby! So basically a brain orgasm minus the sex.

Music, lights, fireworks, and alcohol pump through your brain. They hit hard like a symphony correcting a mess of dissonant notes in one final run through the needle hole of perfect harmony. In the chaos, everything and nothing makes sense. But it feels fucking amazing. Think of the best sex of your life. Then multiply it by 1000. Add the pulsing, thrusting, sweaty heat of 20,000 people writhing together under the same lights. That’s where this sexy festival girl is found.

Brendon Urie

What are we wearing? Let’s dance.

If I know a show is coming up, I’ll spend sometimes up to 6 months planning with my friends what to wear. It really shouldn’t take that long, as the usual attire consists of pasties, short shorts, fishnet pantyhose and thigh-highs, combat boots, and glitter. I’ll put on layer upon layer of glitter all over my tits, cheeks, and hair. If it’s sparkly, it needs to be on my body because it reflects while I’m dancing under those bright festival lights. I’m basically a giant flashing sign that says, “I’m down to fuck!”

Who needs privacy?

I’ve mentioned the “brain orgasm” but the actual sex that happens at these EDM festivals is insane. People fuck everywhere. I mean that very literally. Guys shove girls up against trees along the walking path and just start fucking. Girls do public pussy worship on other girls each in the grass like there aren’t 50 people waiting in line for mini donuts next to them. What happens at a festival, stays at a festival. (Everything except the glitter, that is. I find glitter months later in luggage, on shoes, in purses…)

Privacy is in the crowd.

At one EDM concert, I was up fairly close to the stage, so the bodies were packed tight. It was difficult to dance because we were shoulder to shoulder with everybody behind us pressing forward. It can be a scary situation if you’re not careful because you can get crushed.

I had a guy, I later learned was named Chris, who wrapped his arm around my neck from behind. He kept the guys behind me from shoving me down to get a better view. He kept his arm around me and I moved back on him, wiggling my ass to the music until I felt his bulge press into me. No one noticed when he reached down, pulled aside my bottoms, and shoved his cock into me. He fucked a sexy festival girl to the beat of the music with a couple of thousand people pressed in all around us. It was one of the hottest things I’ve ever done.

Until he came to my tent later that night.

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