I mentioned it in my blog last week and got excited to write about it. Anyone who has read my page or has called me knows that my biggest kink by far is Orgasm Control. I love it. I love all the different ways that people do it. This time, we’ll be talking about one of the two sides of orgasm control and edging fetish. Edging may be my favorite pastime and maybe the kink I engage in the most.

So what is an edging fetish? It’s really self-explanatory; edging is when you bring yourself to the brink of orgasm and don’t cum, either through self-control, or stopping the stimulation. When it comes to phone sex, the most common form of edging will be through JOI. Tell me when you’re going to cum, and I’ll tell you to take your hand off of your cock and move it above your head to remove the temptation of touching without permission.

How to Get Denying

There are many different ways to edge; attempting to go through them would turn this into a six-part series. Some of my favorites include a bit of tying and a vibrator. Using them on a clit or a cock makes for some intense build-up before the cliff that is denial. 

Many of my clients love to edge for me or even in preparation to talk to me. Some of my favorite calls are my JOI edging calls, where I make them stop over and over and over again, getting so worked up that they’re just begging me to let them cum. If I’m feeling extra mean, I make them wait until the next call. It always ends up being so worth it, getting such an intense orgasm from building it up over and over again and waiting. This is why I love an edging fetish. 

Edging fetish & why I like it!

The entire point of it is delayed gratification. Putting off immediate pleasure for a better reward later. In my opinion, the reward is almost always worth it. Edging can be done with toys, hands, mouths, or many other ways. Have you ever considered edging while pegging? Or maybe you haven’t tried edging at all? Phone sex JOI is the perfect way to give edging a try; being told not to cum is just as much fun as being permitted to cum, and twice as rewarding!

I enjoy edging with my dildo and vibrator during some of my calls. The same as I deny you, I often deny myself. Getting closer and closer as I instruct you before cutting myself off simultaneously that I stop you. Sometimes I wonder if yall can hear the soft little moans I give as I pull my vibrator away from myself. Are you looking to try some JOI Edging Phone Sex? Give me a call!

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Until next time!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke