Forced Orgasms Kink

So last week we spoke about my favorite kink, edging. (Check out last week’s blog on Edging Fetish if you missed it!) This time we’ll be talking about the complete other side of the coin. And what, my educated kinksters, is the opposite of preventing an orgasm? 

Forcing them! You’re so smart~ 

Everyone has seen those porn videos of a beautiful woman tied down and having a vibrator pushed against her clit until she cums over and over and over again. (Or is that just me?) It looks like an absolute dream doesn’t it? Forced Orgasms over and over again until you can barely think of anything at all?

Interestingly the name of the kink changes when it comes to males, most often it’s called ‘milking’ and it can be done through stimulation of the cock or the prostate. It often leads to precum dripping near constantly, hence the name change!

What feels so good about it?

What I love so much about forced orgasms is ironic that it’s the exact opposite of edging. I love the contrast of not being able to cum and then being forced to cum over and over again. Does your sub keep begging for you to let them cum after hours of denying? Then let them cum! Let them keep cumming! Then make them keep cumming until they’re begging to stop. 

I love the feeling of being overwhelmed after being denied. The same vibrator that was pulled away from me before is being pushed against my clit relentlessly until I can hardly think.

Differing methods

Edging can be done in several different ways. The use of a vibrator is quite common because of how quickly it gets people worked up! It’s also more difficult to become desensitized to a vibrator. It will keep buzzing and you’ll keep buzzing. But forced orgasms can happen in many different other ways as well, with oral, dildos, and fingers/hands. 

Over the phone it works quite the same way, you’re going to stroke and cum for me, and then keep going. Barely touching your still sensitive cock before ramping up a little more at a time while I talk you through it. I love hearing how sensitive you are when you cum. Makes me so wet when you go ahead and keep stroking for me anyway, and I find myself reaching down to touch my pussy. 

Some personal experience with forced orgasms

One time I made a man cum 3 times during one call, he just kept getting more and more sensitive, his voice cracking and breaking as I brought him to the edge each time. All those forced orgasms leading to a long and very satisfying session and total relaxation at the end where we were both left breathless.

Have you been left breathless at the contents of this blog? Would you like to get a taste of what it feels like to cum over and over again with a hot voice encouraging you to do so! Call me for some hot forced orgasm phone sex and give it a try yourself. No toys required (though welcomed) only an open mind.

Until next time, lover

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke