Kink of the Week, Mind Break

As a dom, what is your most satisfying feeling during sex? I know I’m not speaking to my usual audience, but you subs may want to stick around in order to hear about what I have to say. Anyway, doms, the most satisfying feeling? Is it hearing your pet moan out when they don’t mean to? Is it when you see the marks of your night on them the next day? Mine is particular and almost an abstract concept, but if you’ve ever had anyone sub to you, you’ll know what I’m talking about. A submissive mind break, so to speak.

The phrase I am using comes from hentai, but it feels fitting for real life as well. My favorite moment is the moment when a sub, for lack of a better term, breaks. When they lose themselves completely in their own pleasure and become totally loose, it differs for each person, their response to a break. Some subs go quiet, can barely think enough to talk or do anything, and can only moan in response to the pleasure you give them. Others lose all shyness they’ve had about them and start saying what they really want. All of those wonderful dirty things that you wanted to pull out of them suddenly start spilling forwards. They can finally tell you what they really want. 


This reason is why edging is a favored pastime of mine. While it takes different methods and lengths of time for everybody, I find that edging has often gotten me to where I want with a sub. Controlling them and keeping them from cumming when they so desperately want to. Bringing them to the edge over and over again. Until there is nothing left in their head except the need to cum. So horny, so rock-hard and dripping precum they can’t think of too much to say except begging to cum. (Now that I think of it, I should write a blog about edging!)

The moment where a sub stops being self-conscious and starts thinking only of how he can convince mistress to let him cum is a great mind break moment. 

Or let’s think of the opposite!

I also love forced orgasms. Whether it’s pegging a sub and abusing their prostate as they cum over and over again or playing with their cock until they feel like they can’t cum another drop. If you’ve ever felt like that, you know how disorienting (and insanely amazing) it feels when you cum and keep feeling that same pleasure. You start to really lose yourself in it, sweaty, feeling hot all over, overwhelmed, and completely controlled by your dom. It’s such an amazing feeling; it’s easy to experience a mind break when things are intense. 

Aren’t you happy you kept reading, submissives? If you want to experience a mind break yourself, you must give yourself over completely and totally to your mistress. Trusting that her ultimate goal is to bring you pleasure. (Which it is!)

If you want to give yourself over to me, feel free to call me for some mind-break phone sex. If you enjoyed reading this blog, you might enjoy my blog on spanking or this one on submissive hypnotism.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke