Getting Educated

There are a few misconceptions about Hypnotism, even more so Submissive Hypnotism; the first one is how it works or if it works at all. The second one is who it works on. Why don’t you relax, take a couple of deep breaths and let Mistress help you ease into something more comfortable for a little bit of learning. 

Firstly, if you do not want to be hypnotized, you can not be against your will. If you call with the intention of ‘proving someone wrong’ in terms of hypnotism, you will always be correct. My lovely subs need to be willing and wanting if they want to be put a bit under my spell. If you’re open-minded and relaxed, your caring mistress can help you understand the benefits of submissive hypnotism. 

You won’t be unconscious or asleep. You’ll be relaxed; you’ll feel heavy and warm but fully aware of yourself. Every movement and touch I suggest can feel multiplied on your skin, my voice in your ear making you want to curl up close. Feel my body heat right next to you, so real you feel like you could reach out and touch me.

How It Starts

You’ll need to be listening to my every word and very open-minded. We’ll get to know each other, and I’ll ask you some questions to better help guide you. Hypnotism is so much more fun when it’s someone you have a good connection with. This will also help with future sessions. There is nothing like knowing you can pick up the phone and have a mistress at the other end who knows what you want and exactly what you need to relax. I want to take care of you and make you feel good, you know that, and you want it to. You’ll feel me exploring you with my eyes, my voice. 

First, I’ll have you take deep breaths for me, you’ll relax your body completely into the bed, every muscle falling blissfully loose, and you’ll start sinking slowly. You’ll be walking through a scenario with me, every second falling more and more under my spell. You’re doing so good already for me.

The Sexy Suggestions

If you’re very imaginative, submissive hypnotism is for you. Do you have trouble picturing what others are describing to you? This may be a way to help that. When you’re relaxing, and all you’re focus is on my voice, I’ll start describing in tantalizing detail a scene between you and me.

Can you feel the bed shift as I lay beside you? The heat of my breath against your ear and neck? The tickle of my hair against your collarbone. I’ll run my hands all over you; the light touch over your chest, makes you want so much more. You’ll feel my nails run down your chest, circle your nipples, and lower to your hips. Your cock will twitch, and without even noticing, you’ll be hard for me.

Things continue from there, getting more and more descriptive. My fingers gently run up your cock, exploring you, teasing you… Before I finally wrap my hand around you and give you what you want. 

A Gentle Waking

Afterward, I gently bring you out of it, and you feel so refreshed, so relaxed, like never before. When is the last time you took some time out to really take care of yourself as your body deserves? When is the last time you were able to give yourself over completely mind and body to someone?

Call me if you’re up for Hypno phone sex and give it a try!

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Until next time I hear you, lover~

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