Are you the sort of man that adores sensual JOI?

I’m betting you are, or you wouldn’t be reading this. Your cock is likely hard right now, and you’re trying to make a decision who to call. I have lots of experience guiding men through their masturbation, and I think you’ll enjoy me. I hope you come with the bottle of lube ready since I will rock your cock if you do as I tell you to. It’s true we know our own bodies better than anyone. However, by surrendering to someone else, you don’t know what’s coming next. That can be exhilarating, exciting, and the next best thing to someone else actually touching you.

Maybe it’s been a while since you actually hand someone else’s hand on your throbbing cock. Too long. I like my guys to lie back and relax and just do as they are told. Sensual JOI is just that, sensual. Not hard, not forced, just easy and slow and delectable. I want you to take that bottle of lube and drizzle some on your cock. Get him all nice and slippery for me. Grip your shaft a bit lighter than you normally would. This sort of touch leaves you begging for more. That’s the whole idea! 

Many have told me I have a nearly hypnotic voice when it comes to giving them sensual JOI

Be naked for me when you touch yourself. No pants around the ankles ready to bolt at a moment’s notice. It’s like you’re afraid wifey is about to burst in any minute. Take your time, make sure you have adequate privacy for your personal pleasure session with me. Your balls are likely overly full. You know that ache they give you when you haven’t cum for too long of a time. We need to alleviate that ache. Many have told me I have a nearly hypnotic voice when it comes to giving them sensual JOI. I like hearing that, it means I am literally putting them in a different frame of mind and relaxing them.

Imagine it’s my hand on your cock and you do exactly as I instruct you to.

You will feel quivers up and down your cock you’ve never felt before. So many guys are used to rushing themselves when they masturbate. They often had to rush when they were younger so as to avoid getting caught. They need to learn to take their time, and slow and easy is what it’s all about. Your balls will tingle, your cock will feel electrified as my voice caresses your ears. You need to stroke how hard, how soft, how long, I say to do it. Anyone can mindlessly grab at their dick and start tugging on it for a quick release. However, we both know you didn’t come here for that. You came for a sensual orgasmic experience that you want a sexy lady to help you achieve. I am that lady.

Your cock will belong to me during our phone sex calls

He’s really twitching now, isn’t he? You can’t wait to hear what I’m going to tell you to do to yourself. I’ve had men tell me I made their cock harder than anyone else has before. Even real-life women they’ve actually fucked. My voice and my directions made them explode like no one else ever has in their entire life. You know you want to take me for a spin, don’t you…Your cock will belong to me during our phone sex call. You will close your eyes and surrender fully to my explicit instructions as to how to masturbate yourself. You will have an orgasm unlike any other you’ve had to date.

Has it been a while since you gave yourself over to the power of another? Giving over control of your orgasm can be a lot of fun, you don’t know what’s coming next. Not all men can relinquish that control, they are just too dominant to allow it. I want you to set aside that mindset. You, and your cock, will be mine when we speak. I know what’s best, trust me. You will never be disappointed when it comes to what I tell you to do to yourself. It may honestly take you a couple of days to fully recover. You will love it though, and be back for an even more sensual JOI session from your Goddess Ares. 

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Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke