What exactly is an online GFE? Many guys do not have a girlfriend or wife, we phone sex girls are as close as some of them get. Lots of guys also do not want the drama of an actual real-life twenty-four-seven relationship. So by calling when they want, they get just enough companionship to suit themselves. Some genuinely enjoy that girlfriend experience and are more than willing to pay for it. I love making guys feel loved and appreciated. Some callers even want me to tell them I love them and they like to say it to me as well. That’s not for everyone of course, but if you like that, I’m happy to do that for you!

The Benefits of the online GFE

We all need love, and many of us for one reason or another just haven’t found it. Or we did, but it’s gone now. Many callers seeking the online GFE like lovey-dovey types of calls. Some even like to talk about impregnation, breastfeeding, really intimate types of conversations. One of my favorite callers loves to call me after he’s had a hard week. He just unwinds with me on the phone afterward. He says it’s practically like therapy, even joking he thinks his insurance should cover his calls. We chat about our day, and then things usually turn naughty. I love making him cum for me.

Some fun examples of what an online GFE can be!

He loves blow jobs, like most men of course, so I talk to him about how I’d suck his cock. He’s stroking away, dreaming of me actually doing it. My mouth taking the place of his hand. I tell him how I’d love to wake up next to him, having him spooning me all night long. Cuddling with one another and then make love again before getting up. These are honestly my favorite types of callers. Many call to just talk and have a general conversation, sex isn’t even always a part of it. It usually gets around to it of course, but the closeness you can feel is enough for some.

One of my favorite callers loves to give me guided masturbation if you can believe it. He’s really good at it, too. I just know we’d be compatible sexually. I love when he tells me to dip my fingers into my juicy pussy and smear my wetness up over my clit. He brings me to the brink of orgasm several times before he actually lets me cum. His pleasure is in my pleasure. Real-life all the time relationships can be a bit too much togetherness for some people. I’m glad I can be there for ones seeking togetherness on their terms. It’s nice to be needed and wanted.

I’m Here to Help You Relax

I want to tell you what I’m wearing and what I did today, and I want to hear the same from you. Then we can undress and begin to be naughty with one another. Turn off the lights, lay back, and just concentrate on my voice, and I do the same for you. It’s sensual, relaxing, loving, and satisfying. Being an online girlfriend has many rewards. Some of my callers are very sweet and generous with me. I remember what they tell me, that’s important to them. I like knowing their likes and dislikes, you can build a real rapport with someone. Some have called for many years. You certainly feel like you really are a part of one another’s lives after speaking regularly for so long.

Have you had a stressful day? Do you need someone to share that with and unwind with? Let me be that special someone for you. You can absolutely care for your callers and want to help them as best you can. I’m like that, I want to be that special lady you think about during the day when your mind wanders. You wonder what I’m up to, and you can’t wait to get home and pick up that phone. Waiting for your call and then pleasuring you is a delight for me. Being wanted and desired is very flattering! I’m not going to nag you about taking the trash out, I’m here to please you and tease you. I will be your favorite girl to talk to when you need that special voice in your ear. You can’t wait a moment longer, neither can your cock, I’ll bet!

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