Spanking in Phonesex

When it comes to phone sex, many things about the sexual experience change. Some people are more outgoing, more confident. They find it easier to do new things and try new fetishes in a non-judgmental environment. (If you’ve done it, we’ve probably done it). Even the old and well-explored fetishes have new aspects added when it comes to phone sex. One example is a spanking fetish. At the same time, this is a well-explored activity within the BDSM community its strangely difficult to find blogs on it with the specificity of phone sex.

As phone sex is a niche, I do not find this hard to believe; however, I cannot let it go unamended as a phone sex guru of sorts. So let’s get into the Kink Of The Week.

The Dirty Details

Spanking can be done with hands, hairbrushes, canes, rods, paddles, belts, and just about anything else if you get creative enough. Spanking is most often on the butt or thighs, and there are many different levels of firmness, but it comes down to preference at that point. 

Most pictures of spanking you will see are bright red/pink circles or long lines left by a cane or belt, but that is not a requirement and not all that spanking is. The point of spanking changes for many people, and there is a couple of different psychological and biological reasons that it may be an attractive practice to people. 

If you’re interested in taking a little peek into a spanking fetish, phone sex is the perfect way to do it. Being controlled by your mistress while still choosing how much pain to experience and exploring at your own pace? Yes, please! 

Why do people enjoy it?

One of my callers enjoys spanking for the control aspect. I am his mistress, and he has a certain set of tasks he needs to follow, plus any commands I give. If these rules are broken, he punishes himself with my approval. His preferred tool is a hairbrush, and I am often sent photo evidence of the aftermath over email. He enjoys this aspect of control and command. The mental and emotional effects of the physical

Another one enjoys it purely for the physical feeling. A bit of pain cut through the pleasure, making the highs feel higher. His favorite spot is the back and inside of his thighs. The sharpness of the hits brings a spot of clarity to pre-orgasmic bliss.

The personal reason I enjoy being spanked is a little bit of both. Being controlled and told what to do is such a big turn-on, and I love the feeling of the sting when I’m feeling close.

What do you think of the spanking fetish?

 Is it something you’ve ever tried before? If not, I suggest giving it a try. There’s really nothing to lose trying something. If you lack someone to guide you through the process of spanking, feel free to give me a call and try it! You may enjoy it more than you expect to. (Even more, if it’s my smooth voice leading you through the process.

If you enjoyed this blog about the spanking fetish, you might enjoy my last blog about submissive hypnotism. Feeling a little hot and horny after reading my blog? If you’re in need of some hot phone sex, give me a call!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke