This week, kinksters, we’re talking about something simple, something vanilla. Gasp, I know the horror. But sometimes, even the kink mistress herself enjoys the simpler side of things. If you’ve called me before, you know I enjoy the sensual side of things. So let’s talk about some calls that I’ve been taking a lot of (And enjoying a lot of) recently. Mutual masturbation.

The Basics

Mutual masturbation, something straightforward but oh so pleasurable. At the most basic, we both touch ourselves and moan into each other’s ears, thinking about how amazing it would be to be together. You could even argue that mutual masturbation is the entire basis of most phone sex practices. (I would argue so) Which is why I think it’s so important to slow down and appreciate the good stuff. 

Want a sample of Mutual Masturbation?

Let me tell you how I’m touching myself in detail. Hear me play with my breasts and use my fingers to get myself wet. Pinching my nipples to a stand. Then my hands will move down my body, going over my smooth skin, imagining your fingers all over me until I reach my long legs and start massaging over my thighs.

Don’t you wish you could be doing that for me? Finally, my fingers reach my pussy, and I massage my lips with the tip of my fingers, wetness just starting to coat them. I bet you would just love to suck those fingers into your mouth now. That feeling you got just there is the benefit of good mutual masturbation. Being able to visualize the other end of the phone and hearing my breathy moans in your ear. Wait until I pull out my dildo, suck on it so you can hear how I swallow it before moving it down my body.

The thick head of it just starting to spread my lips apart, how my pussy quivers in anticipation as I rub the shaft against myself. Do you want to see me push it in, baby? How badly do you want to hear the lovely sound I make when I finally do?

Let’s have fun together.

That’s why I love mutual masturbation. Taking care of my body and letting you enjoy the fun along with me. Even better is when we both get nice and worked up together, barely able to talk through our heady moans as you stroke for me, and I rub myself for you. 

If you’re smart, you’re probably thinking of how mutual masturbation can be done with any manner of things. One of the things I’m thinking of is my wonderful Edging JOI (Read that blog!) or a lovely addition to GFE, allowing me to tease you with the description of my body. At the same time, you’re stuck, unable to cum without permission. But knowing your mistress is pleasuring herself on the other end.

So let’s get creative baby, call me up for some mutual masturbation phonesex, or give my JOI a try~ Either way, I know you’ll be coming hard for me. Until next time, love.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke