Oral Sex has become Brian’s obsession.

Day and night he thought of oral sex.  He desperately wanted to be approached, because he was just too scared to actually pursue the idea.  He could walk past a guy while grocery shopping and instantly wonder what the man’s cock looked like.  The thought of a stiff, throbbing cock draining down his throat never left his mind. Brian wished day and night some brave soul would whip out his cock and let Brian wrap his lips around it!

Finally, after years of cock infatuation, Mark from work confessed that men always gave the best head.  Brian knew that this was an open door he had to walk through. Mark and Brian had worked together for years, and they had to stay late to complete a project one night. After hours, they usually enjoyed a few drinks together while they finished up.  Tonight Mark was far more toasty than usual and confessed to Brian that his college roommate often sucked his cock after a night out.

Brian’s heart raced, would he finally be able to give the oral sex he’s fantasized about providing for years?

Brian admitted to Mark that he had never had gay sex, but always wanted to get his face fucked!  Brian’s heart was racing after uttering the words out loud. But, to his surprise, Mark instantly undid his pants and started rubbing his dick right there in his office chair.  Brian wasn’t sure what to do. It was really happening! Brian’s dick instantly twitched as Mark’s cock kept stiffening and growing right in front of his eyes. Mark smiled and told Brian to get on his knees.  Brian didn’t have time to even think about this oral sex scenario he found himself in!

Brian dropped to his knees and shyly wrapped his lips around Mark’s cock.  He couldn’t contain himself as a bead of precum oozed from Mark’s dick onto his tongue.  He had always dreamed about this day and wasn’t going to lose his chance to satisfy another man!  Mark’s hand found it’s way to the back of Brian’s head and pushed Brian’s mouth deeper onto his cock.  Brian gagged a little trying to find the right rhythm, but he quickly got the hang of gliding Mark’s massive cock to the back of his throat.  He looked up and met Mark’s gaze as he sucked hard on the tip of Mark’s cock.

Suddenly Brian found his inner oral sex whore.

He bobbed his head up and down Mark’s dick quickly.  Brian took great care to make sure that his teeth never hit Mark’s cock.  Mark starting gasping and moaning. He told Brian what a good little cocksucker he was.  Mark told Brian that he was going to be Mark’s permanent little cock swallowing fag and Brian’cock nearly exploded at that statement alone.  

Finally, Mark’s dick started to pulse and a rush of cum burst into Brian’s mouth.  Mark shoved Brian’s head deep down his cock as he drained down Brian’s throat. Brian’s dick also immediately creamed his pants when he realized he loved the taste of the thick, warm, salty, cock juice Mark pumped into his mouth!  Mark zipped his pants while Brian wiped his mouth and they got back to work.

In the weeks after, their boss noticed Mark and Brian’s projects for work had them staying late once or twice a week.  He never caught on to the fact it was because the office had become Brian and Mark’s oral sex safe haven!

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