Oral Sex: I’m a God Damn Cock Sucking Champ, Make Me Choke!

I am the queen of oral sex, make no mistake. No one can choke down a cock like me! Don’t let this sweet girl next door face fool you. I am a dirty harlot through and through. To my core, I crave your hard cock and your yummy, creamy cum. Yes, baby, I have a cum fetish! Make me beg for it and slap that mother fucker in my mouth so hard. I want you to feel my tonsils with the head of your hard cock. I want you to stretch the corners of my mouth until they feel like they’re going to rip open, that’s how a real oral sex queen does it.

Don’t be kind, don’t be gentle. I want you, to take all your rage, all your frustrations and take it out on my sweet, sweet mouth. Don’t hesitate to grip me up by my soft hair and force my mouth down that pole of yours. Better yet, let me put on my cock sucker-red lipstick and let’s see how far down we can make that ring go! I bet you’d get off hearing this oral sex queen choke, wouldn’t you?

I bet you’d love to hear me gag and gurgle on that piece of meat, wouldn’t you?

My mouth is just another hole for you to destroy and it’s about high time you take it. I want it to hurt, that’s kind of the point. Don’t you worry about a thing neither. The only thing you should care about is, how hard you can fuck my face and how deep you can make your cum go down my throat. Anything outside of that is simply my fuckin problem. I know what I am signing up for and frankly, I am looking forward to being your nasty little oral sex queen. I hope you know that I need the pain that is associated with being your oral sex queen.

It’s a given how much I crave the aches and pains that will cum after you’re finished with me.

Hear me gag, hear me gurgle and beg for your cum! You’re going to love it. You’re going to get off so fuckin hard. Can you picture it? There’s isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to please you and then some. I will stop at nothing to be the single best oral sex queen you’ve ever had the pleasure of face fucking. Make no mistake about it, I am the bee’s knees when it cums to choking down that deliciousness of yours.

So, please don’t keep me waiting. My lips, my tongue, and my throat are ready for you. The question now becomes, are you ready for me? Are you ready to squeeze your cock into my tiny hole? Once you’ve felt my wet warm mouth wrap around your cock and you’ve heard the sounds of me choking you down, you’re gonna blow your load. That’s where you’ll find me, on my knees gulping down every single stringy drop. I am here and eager to get this kinky party started. Can you handle it?

Taboo Phone Sex!