There Are No Limits To The Places I’ll Give Fellatio!

Fellatio is one of my most favorite things to perform and last night I had a dream, a dream that I gave you the best road head ever! In my dream, you came to my house and picked me up in your car. I was wearing a tank top, a mini skirt, flip flops and nothing else whatsoever. I asked you where we were going and you told me we were just going to drive around for a while. It was such a beautiful night. We had the top down and the wind felt like silk on all my bare skin, which caused my pussy to get slightly wet….to say the very least!

As you were driving, you put your hand on my thigh and started slowly working your way up. To your delight, there was no hair when your hand got to my pussy. You began to touch me, so I turned a bit in my seat and spread my legs. Your fingers were on me and in me. Then you began to massage my clit. I started to squirm. After a couple of minutes, I could feel the build-up begin….and then I started to cum.

Suddenly you were plunging your middle finger in me and I just kept cumming.

OH MY GOSH, it felt so good. After several minutes, I started to breath normal again and I began to realize why you suddenly wanted to “just go for a drive”. You just wanted to tease me. Get me all worked up, get me all wet with no sex. Well, two could play at that game. You looked over and smiled at me and I smiled very sweetly back. I unbuckled my seatbelt and slid over to you.

For the moment, we weren’t likely to get into an accident, as we were driving in the country and there was basically no one else in sight. I slowly began my assault. I kissed your neck and put my hand on your thigh. Then I began to move my hand in slow, small circles moving up your thigh a little more with each circle. It then occurred to you what I was doing. You asked me to stop, but I just smiled and put my hand on your crotch. You jerked and then begged me to stop. I just kept smiling and unzipped your fly. You told me we would be back to my place soon and we could mess around all I wanted then.

That’s when my head went to your lap, I pulled out your cock and I did my very best to drive you insane.

Used my tongue, my lips, my teeth…I took you deep in my throat. I could hear you moaning. Then I sucked you so hard, you began to yell with ecstasy. I swirled my tongue around your cock. I began fucking your cock with my mouth and throat. You finally had the presence of mind to pull the car over. You grabbed me by the back of my head and….well, that’s when I woke up. Why don’t you call me and we can finish this mind-blowing blow job dream together? Call me for phone sex and all things Fellatio!

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