Naughty Salesman:I Got Caught In The Dressing Room

A naughty salesman was the furthest from my mind when me and my friend were shopping. I saw him eyeing me from across the store. As we walked in he immediately walked toward me and my friend and asked if we needed any help. I smile and say ” Thank you we are just looking.” He returned to his position at the counter and began watching us as we chose clothes to take to the dressing room with us. First we entered the dressing room with the hottest clothes ever thinking it was safe. I removed my clothes and started trying on outfits. By the third outfit I wasn’t sure what to buy. Finally the fifth dress seemed like it was perfect. Since the dress was a just a little scrap of fabric, I had to take my panties off to read it.

All of a sudden, I heard a rustle behind the dressing room curtain. I was turning my head when I saw the friendly salesman standing there jerking his cock. Kept looking without stopping he noticed and continued to jerk himself. I was feeling bold so I pulled him into the dressing room with me. Surprisingly enough to him, I got on my knees and began sucking his cock.

He was moaning aggressively when my friend came into the dressing room.

She got on her knees as well and then began sucking his cock with me. As we continued suck and play with his cock his eyes widened with excitement at the shocking situation. Two naughty little bitches devouring his cock at his job. I don’t think he ever thought in a million years that this could ever happen to a little pervert such as himself. We continued to suck him until he came. We were rewarded by him with the dresses wed liked for free.

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