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I hit puberty very early and all my male classmates loved it. My girl classmates were very jealous. I loved older men so I played them no mind. one summer. My mom decides to put me into camp. Having really mixed feeling about it. I decide to go. This is where my favorite teen sex story came about.  It was hot but the counselors were even fucking hotter. One day we went swimming in the lake. Recently I just had learned how to swim. So I wasn’t the best at it but I looked so hot in the cute hot pink string bikini.

Having fun swimming all of a sudden I feel something brush up against my foot. I screamed and panicked thinking it was a shark or something even worse. I started sinking and then suddenly I felt big strong arms wrap around me. It was one of my hot counselors. He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and walked me back to the surface. Calming down once I was on land he made sure I was okay.

I was so grateful that I gave him the biggest hug, oh my goodness he smelled so good.

Also, he was very sweet about it. It made me all hot and bothered. wanting him so bad. A couple of days passed and it was a little after 11. He was on the beach by a bonfire alone. Walking over but before I did, I took my top off. Once he saw me his mouth dropped open asking me what I was doing, I just told him to be quiet.
Getting on my knees I pulled his cock out, he instantly got hard in my hand.
Putting his mature cock in my mouth. It felt so good. Loving sucking on it. Going deeper and deeper until I started to gag. He was moaning so loud it was turning me on even more. Fuck! So I started giving him the double hand twist combo. His dick was rock hard, I needed him inside of me so bad.

My pussy was fucking throbbing from all the excitement.

So I got on top of him and pushed him back down and slipped his big cock inside of me. Going up and down at full speed. Fuck his mature cock felt so good. I was in heaven. Standing on my toes so he could be even deeper loving every moment of it.  Bouncing up and down, cumming so hard. He yelled he was gonna cum too. Quickly getting off. Opening my mouth letting him shoot his huge load down my throat. He tasted yummy. I always had the best teen sex.

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