My little penis poem

Penis, penis, soft and round.
I look you up , I look you down.
Within a minute I take a lick .
Your soft round prick turns to a stick.
Lick by lick the harder it gets.
My lips get juicy as I go down.
All the way til you hear that sound.

Your cock deep down it would seem.
Causes my throat to cause a scene.
I pull out quick and muffle the sound.
Within a minute I go back down.
Harder and longer it grows.
How much further no one knows.

As I suck your big fat prick.
You start to moan I play a trick.
I remove my mouth without a sound .
And place my lips closer to the ground.

What lies there is the carriage below.
Where my rhyme is going I think you know.
I put them in one at a time.
Til my cheeks are puffy and prime.

I look like a chipmunk with them in there.
All of a sudden you feel the air.
Out of my mouth they will go.
There they will lie in your carriage below.

I move my mouth.
Back from the south.
My tongue glides up in a row.
All the way to top I will go.
With my lips wrapped around your stick.
I make my way down mount prick.

Once again I make that sound.
I move my head up and down.
I feel you twitch and tremble there.
To my surprise you grab my hair.

You pull it out as it will explode.
Time for you to blow your load.
From my forehead to my nose.
Even in my eye it goes.

Want to play along with me.
Give Alyssa a call and you will see.
With your penis soft and round.
I’ll make you cum with my sound.
I’ll get you hard and you will see.
I’ll be whatever you want me to be.

I have no limits, with our play.
Pick up your phone and you can pay.
Let my voice get you there.
Instead of cumming out of thin air.
I promise to give you a fan-fucking-tastic day.
And make you explode all the way.
So what the hell you waiting for.
Cum make me your little whore.

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