Mutual Masturbation – For More than Just Your Pleasure

I arched my back and gripped onto the covers. I could not help it, he knew just how to drive me wild. It was hard really, trying to hold the phone against my ear as I climaxed for him. I loved it when he called and wanted mutual masturbation. Truthfully, I found it hard to engage in any sort of phone sex without playing with my sweet honey pot. I get so aroused on the other side of the phone and it makes it very hard to keep my fingers away from myself. When he called and asked if I would do it just for him, I was every bit as excited as he was.

As I got comfortable on my bed we started talking about things we liked. He told me he was going to eat my pussy. The way that he described pulling me by my hips into his mouth was all I needed to hear. We were both breathing hard and my cunt was already dripping wet. I whimpered into the receiver as I began to circle my fingers over my clit. It was my turn to suck his cock. I wanted him to feel like I was actually there during this Mutual Masturbation.

I wanted him to feel as good as I did; eyes closed, stroking his cock and feeling like it was my mouth on his rod with the way I sounded.

We were both into it. As we talked each other thru 69’ing on the phone, I moved my position to where I was on all fours on my bed. Leaning over I grabbed my favorite dildo and moved our conversation towards fucking. He wanted to give it to me doggy, and I was going to give it to myself too. As he began to penetrate me in our imaginations I felt him on my side of the phone. Our attraction was so much more real than adult chat should be. I was connected to him. We both came together, hard, groaning like wild animals into each other’s ears. After he hung up I lay on my bed trying to catch my breath. He was so hot!


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