My Hot Muscular Handyman Is So Hot He Can Make Me Melt With One Look!

Oh yes, my hot muscular handyman is so fine to look upon.  My eyes cannot help but roam up and down his body.  His muscles ripple where it counts.

I will never forget the day I hired him.  It was kind of a particularly bad day.  I’m not so proud of the events, but hey I did have a good time.  Nevertheless, I needed a handyman to help me all over my house.

The day I met my hot muscular handyman was the best day ever!

So, I put out an ad and searched high and low for someone to come to fix some things.  Well, okay there were more than just some little things broken, but that’s for another day.

I had put off things for so long and my honey-do list, well it eventually became my, “Honey, I’m too busy to do that, can you hire a handyman?” request.  I was on the couch reading a book, when the doorbell chimed to let me know someone was waiting.

So, I hopped up and opened the door.  Oh my, the most beautiful man was standing outside of my door.  He was ripped from the shoulders down.

It wasn’t so long before I had him doing things around the house.

My hot muscular handyman was so helpful.  He knew so many things about the way to get things done.  However, as the weeks went on, I noticed we both kept looking at one another.  Sometimes we’d call each other over for things.  Sometimes, it would be to give me a hand or to get him a drink.

One night my husband and I had one of the worst fights of our marriage.  It was so hard as we hardly ever fought.  Okay, onto what happened.  I was so mad at Tony I didn’t even want to be in the same room.  So, anyway, the feelings didn’t go away by the next morning.

When my hot muscular handyman came over that morning, he knew something was going on.  I cried in his shoulders and told him everything.  He held me so close and safely.  Well, the next thing I knew we had started touching and kissing.

I knew this would eventually happen.

His lips were so soft and caressing against mine.  His hands stroked my hair and massaged my back.

The fact that I had sex with my muscular handy man is not as taboo as it used to be.  To be honest, when the scandals came out about wealthy guys doing their sexy young maid, that was more of a thing to chatter about.

The next thing I knew I was leading him back to my bedroom.  He teased and kissed every part of me before slowly undressing me.  By the time he got down to my panties, they were soaked with my juices.

His tongue probed every hole, and I do mean every hole, so expertly.  My orgasm was so intense I squirted all over him and the sheets.  My mouth was equally hungry as I teased and kissed his sexy toned body.

I was so eager to taste him too!

His moans were my reward as I took him in my mouth and sucked his hardness down my throat.  My hot muscular handyman worked so hard to fix things and now I was fixing him.

My body was feeling spicy and naughty.  I mounted that hard rod and took it deep within me.  We rode each other so hard.  Let’s just say my pussy was not the only thing we explored, and his hard dick was just the beginning of what I’d discover in his tool kit.

So, now that I’ve told you about my hot muscular handyman, who do you love to be with during those intense times?

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 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke