The Celeb sex tape I made

There was nothing STORMY about sleeping with President and making the Celeb Sex Tape we made. Not knowing what to expect when the escort service I was working sent me to his hotel.  He opened the door we had what appeared to be a business meeting. Once the formalities were done. Briefed by his staff on his expectations of this sex tape. Walking into the bedroom to where he was patiently waiting in his expensive suit. Starting to undress as I commented on how tremendously fantastic his hair looked. I said that sure is Bigly bulge in your pants Donald the rumors about its size must have been fake news. I started stroking his ginormous cock ( it wasn’t lol ) As the camera started he requested I put his cock in my mouth.
Celeb Sex tape

I checked my contract to verify he paid for that service.

He did. I said I would be honored to put your tremendous big cock in my mouth. I’m sure your cum will take me places and make me a better person Mr.T. I proceeded to get his tremendously big cock all the way into my mouth. He said you have an amazingly beautiful and supersized mouth to take it all. Donald moaned Shaking and fell back in the bed. He asked if his cum tasted like champagne. I said you didn’t cum Mr.President.

I did you’re dumb and full of fake news he replied.

Now, my daughter, she tells the truth. She’s a 10 you know. You’re a 7 at best. I was so confused. But he paid really well. You’re the best Donald. Just wonderful. The worlds a better place due to you. While the Cameraman yelled Cut.  I was leaving he was checking his hair and telling himself he a good look man. I immediately called Hadley and Gia and we laughed. And thank goodness he left that expensive suit on.

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