Going to the movies is always something I love to do.

Having fun while watching a new film, on a huge screen with the best sound available. I will admit that when going on a date to the hook-up movies something inside of me gets extra excited. Feeling a bit anxious over him making a move on me in the dark is exciting. Exploring a naughty fantasy of me making the first move, and that even leading to a full-on hook up. Picturing what I will wear to grant him easy access to my soft pussy that will surely be wet. Climbing up onto his lap and grinding on his throbbing cock that I’ve been craving all day. 

The time has come for us to take our seats in the theater. I have worn my little short bell style skirt because this will give him the opportunity to take advantage. Grabbing this chance I have so calculatedly provided will be up to him. The lights go out and hot phone sex is racing through my mind. Electric pulses shoot through my body as the trailers play. One after another these previews tease me by waiting impatiently for my sexy date to bust his move. I want to ride his thick dick and that is a fact. Spreading my legs apart ever so slightly captures his attention. 

Looking over at my legs I see a smile move across his beautiful lips. Wanting to kiss those beautiful lips like crazy because I remember how it was last time. This man kisses me so good I soak my panties right away. Dangerously hungry for his cock, I reach over and grab his thigh. Reaching up my skirt, we begin making out like Hook Up Movies should be done. This is leading to Public Phone Sex for sure. Anticipating the way his fingers feel sliding deep inside of my tight squeezing pussy has come to a head. Loving his every push and pull, because I only crave more.


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