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Hot Sex between two people who totally adore each other is like constant fireworks. Lighting my inner fire seems to be your specialty. Loving the way you touch me and the way you look at me never seems to fade. Adoring you from afar, and loving the details from up close. Kissing you slowly, and sexy creates the tingles racing through my body. Feeling every bit of the rush you provide my soul, the flutter in my heart is explosive. Fluttering above the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Phonesex may be the way things began, but with our chemistry progression was inevitable.  Belonging to one man forever that I can share every Fetish Phone Sex fantasy I have with is a dream. Becoming quiet possessed by you lover has me feeling taken. Feeling taken as if swept away by a warm wind of adventure because of the way you are with me. A man of delight who enjoys his woman for who she truly is, therefore loving authentically. Reaching the goal of bliss has seemed unobtainable because of having doubts that even existed. Finding love in the strangest places happens when you stay in possibility.

Finding truth in your eyes ignites a fire in us both I think. Seeing what I desire in you, and for you finally being seen for the man you are. Loving someone for who they truly are is the greatest gift one can give I believe. Hoping that the real me is enough and no matter how opinionated I am sometimes, that you will see the woman with an eternal flame of passion in front of you. Breathing life and love until my very last breath is what matters most to me. Loving a bold man, of course, comes with that passionate territory.



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