Mommy’s special love: Alex gets to fuck his Mom

One of my guys sends me ‘scripts’ for us to play out. They are calls that he fantasizes he has with his hot ex. I play his ex…let’s call her Stacy.  Alex is her teenage son who finally gets to fuck his Mom in this one. The scripts make me so fucking wet…

by the end of the call, I am cumming along with him! here is the latest. Thanks, Rick!

Here is the call we did when Mommy takes care of her teenage boy:
Rick: “You tell me just your robe. Nothing underneath. I’ll say that that’s hot.
Without any warning to me, you call down the hallway to your son.
“Hey Alex? Can you come here for a minute, Sweetie?”

Give him a second to come to your room & then giggle a little at his reaction to seeing your naked body under the open robe.

“You like looking at me, don’t you, Alex?….. Wanna watch me play with myself? Then I’ll give you a blowjob?”

Of course, he says YES!

You lay on the bed & start playing with yourself. You tell him to take his big cock out & jerk it a little for you.

He does. After a minute, you’ve closed your eyes & are real getting into getting yourself off.

He climbs on the bed and spreads your legs, getting in between them.
You realize he’s going to try to fuck you.

You panic!

“Alex! No!! We can’t have sex! Stop!!”

He starts pushing in & you’re scared & angry…
“ALEX!! STOP IT!! That’s too far!! OW!! You’re too big!!” etc

Keep telling him stuff like that for a few minutes. Don’t talk “to me” just him, almost crying.
Your body starts to betray you and you feel yourself starting to cum. You try not to let him know, but your hips start moving with his thrusting.
He knows now & asks of you’re going to cum.
“Yes, Goddamnit!” Oh, this is so wrong! Fuck me! Harder!!”
You cum and he’s still fucking you.
“Alex, you HAVE to pull out! Cum on my stomach!” He does…”

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