I love a fierce mommy dom spanking!

A sweet little sub girl of mine likes a strict mommy dom spanking before I make her cum. A rough little spanking keeps her in line, where I like her. She can be such a precious little jewel after she receives a bit of… maintenance. If you learn a language and go years without speaking it, your efforts will be in vain. The same goes for training a little pet. They must be consistently reminded of their status in comparison to yours. She is beneath me. I know what is good for her. She answers me. She does what I tell her, and my pleasure is her priority. Without upkeep, this is easy for her to forget.

My darling sub gets caught up in everyday things, just as we all do, and needs a bit of grounding from the nonsense. A paddling or a spanking will almost always do the trick to make her mommy dom proud. She gets a little feisty, and quite frankly, bratty. Like any animal, these little pets need consistency, and they need to learn boundaries. I know that I may not seem like the mommy dom type, of course. I have been told that many times. How can I be a mommy dom when everything about my tiny little frame and voice beckons people to patronize me? It is in my soul. I like control. I like ownership, servitude, slavery, and leadership.

And I like to earn it.

Earning it is all part of this valuable process. They hold me to a higher standard, and in return, I hold myself to a higher standard. A standard of self-care and self-awareness. Patience, love, sincerity, resilience, and integrity. I like to help them reach this for themselves as well, with a little bit of training. And, of course, some fun little sex games along the way. After I finish mommy dom spanking my tense little sub, she is guaranteed to be focused and ready to take on life again. A bit of therapy, I suppose. She has a sore, red little ass and a clear head. I spank her, then I soothe her, and lastly, I make her cum. The beating and the soothing allow for a high level of vulnerability that carries over until she cums.

Following her mommy dom spanking, she feels very taken care of. This last weekend she required another one of these training. I had her lay across my lap. Next to me was a paddle and a ruler. I grabbed her by the hair and held her face in the pillows. She was already in her panties when I began with the ruler. I struck her with the ruler. Then I struck her a whole lot more. I beat her with the ruler until red little welts grew all over her ass. I chastised her for not giving me her one hundred percent, and I chided her on her inability to remain connected. Then, I gave her a few sexy spanks with my hand. Lastly, I pulled out the impressively hefty wooden paddle.

I yanked down her panties until they were at her knees, and I made her list of her sins to me.

She did not do very well at all. She barely choked out two. The mommy dom spanking commenced. I lit into her ass and made her a list of how she would do better next time. I figured she could at least manage that. Better than her sins, but barely. I beat her ass until it was raw and red. Until I felt as though she might learn her lesson. I made her count off the last round often. Each time she was to thank me and ask me for another. After some light whining, she did as she was told. Her ass looked raw, and I promised to beat her even harder next time. I then cuddled her and told her what a good girl she was while she grew more aroused.

Then, I pulled out the vibrator and allowed her to cum almost immediately. I knew that from then on, her behavior would definitely improve for me.

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mommy dom spanking