Who doesn’t want a hot lifestyle servitude girl to train and use?

I have wanted some form of lifestyle servitude my whole life. My parents’ ideation of lifestyle servitude was heavily discouraged and considered it evil and morally bankrupt. Well, lifestyle servitude, sadism, masochism, sex work, and most other things I love and am involved in. They always spoke of deviancy and dungeons, as though it wasn’t the greatest shit ever! I have met way more self-aware, accepting, and brilliant individuals in the scene than in churches. Even as a kid, I loved making my younger sibling play a game of slave. Odd that it manifested so young even! I would set conditions that involved them being in my servitude.

I would trade them coveted items of mine for their servitude for the day or longer even. Now, as an adult, I have discovered the wonderful world of kink, and I adore it. So many people exist out there who love human slavery and consensual slavery. I love having human slaves, and I love it even more than they are in slavery through choice and not fear or force. Although I do scare them. I am one wicked little ninety-pound girl. I love the idea of another person making their life purpose whatever I chose. They know that I know best, and I have earned my leadership through patience, listening, and time spent. As a result, I demand and receive obedience.

Occasionally, I get a little bit of sass.

They know what to expect when they do sass me. My scolding is not pretty. I have a lovely, leggy little sub girl. She is my little live-in slave. I own her, and she answers me entirely. Her obedience is an important part of our colorful sex life. If I were not met with obedience, my disappointment would be quite uncomfortable for her. My little sub is not a full-fledged slave; we often communicate as equals, and I spoil her rotten. She does, however, do whatever I say. So, if I state that I want her waiting for me in her panties when I get home, she will do so on her knees with rope in her lap. She may tell me, no, but she is aware that should she tell me no, she better have a damn good reason for it.

She wears what I want her to wear, and I can dress her up as my little barbie doll and do her nails and makeup however I like. I can wake her up by sticking my vibrator between her legs, or I can drag her out of bed by her hair, or both. Usually both. She knows that she will be my little trophy if I so chose. I can take her out and show her off as my little piece of arm candy. My will is her purpose. I can shave her legs if I want her smooth. Lather her in my lotions and fancy hair products. She is mine to do with as I please. She even has a pretty pink collar to prove it. It has a sexy little black heart ring where I can attach a leash if I like. And owning another person is magnificent.

Earning ownership and total submission.

Having someone graft their life around yours is something I take very seriously and enjoy deeply. Whatever I want, I can take from her. She, of course, has limits, but there is very little that she will not try. I could have her tied up for hours and only come back to use her when I feel like it. Her only purpose would be to look pretty for me. I could stare at her all I like. that would be her only purpose. Then, when I finish, I might wreck her with my strapon. Or, I can beat her for literally four hours straight. Then, I can make her cum over and over. I hope that I can accrue many more slaves/followers in my lifetime. And, I hope that this touches some subby little bitches looking for a mommy/dom owner. I will use you and care for you!

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