My edged sex slave waited patiently for me while I worked.

An edged sex slave is a pretty hot thing to encounter after work. I made my edged sex slave realize that my pleasure was her sole purpose by storing her away and abusing her in between calls. After I had all my other work done, of course, I had my sweet little slave girl over, and, as promised, I tied her up. I fastened her hands in a prayer position with a good old Somerville bowline.  Then, I tied her face down and bent over my bed. Lucky for her, work was on the slow side that day. She was strung up across my bed with a bit gag in her mouth. I gave her a crisp spanking. Then, I let her have the low setting of the magic wand.

Any time that she grew close to cumming, I would tell her what a pathetic slut she was and beat her ass. No tools, just my hand. Let me tell you, If you think for a second that I can not do just as much damage with my hand as I could with a tool, you are dead wrong. All of my toys were in a storage unit because I am in the middle of moving, so only the wand stayed with me in my empty apartment. My wand, my rope, my bed, my phone, and my laptop. I told her that I was going to beat her off and on throughout the day. So it began, with me bringing her up and then beating her ass. I told her that I was going to beat her ass until my palms turned numb.

I have a pretty extreme pain threshold and one mean-ass swing.

So, after using the vibrator for the second round, I began beating her for being such a slut again. She knew that If I received a phone call for work, I would leave her there. Now, fear not safety first. In leaving her tied up, the knots that fastened her to my bed could easily have been pulled and removed in an emergency. Also, a pair of scissors sat directly on my nightstand just in case. I only received three calls in the duration of me beating and edging her. Once I edged her with the vibrator once more, I received a call. I left her there for about ten minutes while I worked and let her simmer. When I returned, I reminded her that I held power to do whatever I wished to her.

She was mine to use as I wanted, and her only purpose was my pleasure. If that meant her suffering or growing desperate for my entertainment, so be it. I pulled out the vibrator and brought her up to the edge once again. So quick! All the more fun to punish her for being such a slut. I lit into her until her ass bore several finger-shaped welts. Then, once again, the vibrator. Another call. I left her hanging there for twenty minutes. When I returned, I tortured her with the wand some more. I pressed it down and removed it over and over. By now, we have reached the second set. I told her that I would make her cum, but that she was not finished yet. I pressed the vibrator down, and finally, she came.

Then, back to beating her ass.

I intermittently stopped and caressed her gently. Kissing her all over and working her up all over again. Then, more vibrators. And, another call. I left her there for another fifteen minutes. Then, upon returning, I gave her the vibrator at the third set. I gave her one last beating that turned her red and made my palm tingle. I turned the vibrator to the final, fourth setting and pressed it into her. Then, I teased her with it until she looked exhausted. Finally, I gave it one long hard press while she squirmed all around. She came and flopped over in total exhaustion. My broken little edged sex slave. I untied her, and once she recovered, she used the wand on me until I came—several times.

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edged sex slave