Daddy had told me no for the last time, so my newly shrunken daddy was going to do whatever I said!

My shrunken daddy was under my control, and I could make him do whatever I wanted. I told daddy that I always get what I want, and I proved him right. When I caught him stroking his cock to my smelly socks, I knew it was my perfect opportunity. I practically had him wrapped around my finger. Soon, I made him put on a chastity device while I watched, then I took the key. I pointed my shrink ray at him, and I shrunk him down so puny that he was no bigger than my pinky finger. Then, I picked him up and just laughed at him. He was so small and pathetic. He was once such a proud man, and now he was reduced to less than a mouse.

So weak. I could do whatever I wanted to him with no consequences now that he was too small to stop me. I shook him back and forth and giggled as his eyes widened with fear. Hilarious. He was still trying to bark orders at me with a voice tinier than my own! I barely even heard him. I took his meek little body and stuck him right in the crease between my first and second toes. Then, I slid on the sock that he was jerking off as a punishment. I slid on my boots and left him in there all day long while I walked around and sat for class. When I got home, I knew he was going to let me have it. I couldn’t wait.

Slowly, I pulled off my boots and socks and plucked him out from in between my sweaty little toes.

I knew that my shrunken daddy would have a big lecture planned, but I just scooped him up and told him that I couldn’t talk because my boyfriend was coming over. I slid down my panties while he protested to my boyfriend coming over unsupervised. Then, I took my two fingers and stuffed him as far up into my pussy as possible. Right on time. I pulled my panties up just as I heard a knock on the door. I opened it for my boyfriend and let him in. We made out, and I could feel daddy squirming around in my pussy. When I felt him try to crawl out, I motioned for my boyfriend to go down on me. He squatted between my legs, pulled my panties to the side, and licked away.

I know shrunken daddy saw my boyfriend’s big slippery tongue sliding in and out of my tight hole. He felt my sweet, wet pussy start to drip around him. Finally, my boyfriend pulled out his massive cock and lined it up with my pussy. He pressed it into me slowly. It was so thick. His cock spread me wide open, and I knew that daddy was getting a clear view of the head of my boyfriend’s cock peeking inside of me, inching toward him. Then finally, wham! Imagining my boyfriend’s cock pushing into daddy and slamming him into my cervix over and over again turned me on. I loved the idea.

I grew closer and closer to cumming, and I could feel my pussy starting to flex and squeeze up over my boyfriend’s cock.

Finally, a gush of warm fluid flooded my pussy, and I came all over his cock. I didn’t want daddy to drown! Quickly, I pulled him out and popped him into my mouth as I got down on my knees for a little reciprocation. Of course, I heard my little shrunken daddy shouting in protest as my mouth closed over my boyfriend’s cock. I felt him desperately grip on to my teeth to steady himself as my boyfriend’s cock swished around in my mouth, facefucking me. Finally, I felt my boyfriend’s cock twitch and flex in my mouth, swelling as he came. He sprayed my entire mouth with cum. His huge load filled my entire mouth. I held my daddy on my tongue there and opened my mouth nice and wide to show my boyfriend.

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shrunken daddy