With Thanksgiving right around the corner I like to ponder on what I’m thankful for. I’m thankful for Life and health, family and friends, a roof over my head, food to eat and “sexy” clothes to wear. I’m also thankful that I have big, bouncy, juicy, all natural tits and a nice big round ass. I love to cook but cooking for Thanksgiving gets my creative juices flowing.  When I’m basting a turkey I can’t help but think  about your cock squirting all that creamy goodness up my ass. When I’m kneading the dough to make my famous pumpkin pie I think of you grabbing and kneading my full figured thighs.  When I’m stirring my gravy I think of you stirring your cock round and round in my creamy wet pussy. And when I’m stuffing the turkey I think of your fist fucking my ass.  Yes, that’s another thing I’m thankful for …….your COCK. Whether you’re sliding it between my tits,  ramming it down my throat, slamming it in my pussy or pounding it in my ass I love that long hard cock anywhere you put it. When I’m stirring the creamy sweet filling for my pumpkin pie I love to lick the spoon. I imagine that I’m licking your long piece of wood. Oh yea baby, Momma wants to lick your spoon.  I’ll hold the shaft of it in my hand as I stroke it back and forth and back and forth. I’ll stick my long wet tongue out and glide the tip of it along the side of it and lick it really good up and down and up and down. I’ll open my mouth wide and take it in slowly and let it fill up mouth while I lather that cock with my tongue round and around. I widen my mouth so you can pump your cock back and forth and back and forth in my mouth slow at first and then faster and faster feeling the wetness of my mouth across your entire cock. Ooh….hearing you moan makes me so wet.  Oh yes dip your finger in my pussy and feel how wet I am. Grab my head and pull it forward so you can slide your cock your long wooden spoon down my throat. “Augh….augh”…..I’m gagging. I cough up thick gooey wetness that bathes your cock. You’re pumping it harder now and I’m gagging louder. “Aw…Aw…..your cum in my mouth and squirt hot, creamy goodness deep down my throat. Mmmm…..it tastes so good. Now that’s a Happy Thanksgiving. Give me all of your cock baby because Momma Genie can handle it.