I was In First Class Sitting Next To A Handsome Stranger

Recently I was on an airplane and for some reason I got upgraded to first class. I was pleased and was seated next to a handsome and well dressed man and we struck up a conversation. Although he was a stranger, I felt at ease with him.  So I was attracted to him and the feeling was mutual. And I could tell from the flirting he was doing. We hit a patch of turbulence and a bit of his drink spilled on my skirt. And he got the napkins that were left over from our dinner and started to mop it up and his hand lingered longer than it needed to. And he even inched his way up my skirt a little bit.

I Let Him Feel Me Upsex with a stranger

I looked around and the nearly empty first class section wasn’t paying any attention to us at all. So I let him continue his exploration under my skirt and felt a bit of a slut for doing so. His fingers made their way to the crotch of my panties and were rubbing over the fabric. And I knew I was getting wet from this handsome stranger that was feeling my up right there in the airplane seat. I reached over and rubbed him through his pants. And he was plenty hard underneath them. He asked me to go to the restroom with him and he got up and I followed a moment later. So I doubt we’d have a lot of time before someone would notice we were both gone, but I was game.

He Was A Total Stranger.. And I didn’t Care

He pulled me into the tiny bathroom and kissed me and pulled my skirt up around my hips. And bent me forward. And I could feel the crotch of my panties get pulled to one side by the naughty stranger. After that he then took  his thick cock impaled me in the tiny room and he thrust and trust into my wet pussy. And I was biting my lip to keep from making any noise that would alert others as to our activities. He cupped my breasts and I could hear him breathing harder and faster. And I could feel my own pussy clench around his cock as I felt my own orgasm approaching. And I then gasped and then came on his cock and then felt a gush inside of me as he came and I caught my breath.
Given the tight space we were in, we cleaned up as best we could. And I went back to my seat first and he followed a couple of minutes later. I don’t think anyone even noticed we were gone. But I sure had fun with the stranger in the airplane. So We chatted away the rest of the flight and kissed a little bit. I don’t know if we will ever see one another again or not. But it was fun and made the trip a lot more memorable for sure. He was a nice guy and I was lucky to have been upgraded like I was. Or else we’d never have met. I guess fate works in mysterious ways sometimes.
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