Have you ever been camping with a lover?

Lover, you, and the night sky. All alone.  I did it recently and it was a very sexy, steamy time! In fact, I never realized how hot it could be to be completely alone with your partner, free to do whatever it is you want to do. Away from prying eyes. I took full advantage of my time away from civilization by being nude the entire weekend. My pussy stayed wet, as I went about my day and night at our camping site.

My lover loves to watch me. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, as long as I am naked and he can watch my sexy body moving and shifting, he’s a happy man. The first night that we stayed was Friday, and that night my lover brought out a big bottle of wine and we drank by the fire. The wine heated my blood and made me very horny. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. My lover knows this of course. He can tell by the look in my eyes and I find it so utterly sexy when he sniffs the air and tells me he can smell how turned on I am.

I smell like woman and orgasms. An intoxicating aroma.

This was my first time camping with a lover and it was turning out wonderfully. We finished our wine and I started to touch my big titties with one hand and my sweet pussy with the other. “Why don’t you join me, baby,” I asked my lover. He happily takes out his cock and he starts to stroke it. “Jerk that cock and play with your balls!” I tell him breathlessly. As he does what he is told he looks me in the eye and tells me rub my clit faster and harder. He knows just what to say to make me wanna cum.  We go back and forth for several minutes, giving each other instructions.
Then just before we both cum hard together my lover walks up to me, picks me up and takes me inside our tent. Then he fucks me all night long. I love camping!

Want to fulfill your Phonesex fantasy and take a camping trip with me? Just you and me, all alone, fucking all night long.