Live action roleplay is what you call me for.

And I love it! Whenever you call me, I am ready to have some live action roleplay fun. Who knows where I will be when you call? Sometimes I love to lounge on my chaise…but sometimes I’m sitting on my kitchen table or laying in bed.

I have cum multiple times in every corner of my house – and I am completely open to any requests you have when we play. Want me to be in the bathtub or in my bedroom next to my toy chest? All are perfectly good options with me.

Speaking of my toy chest, we should search for toys together. Toys are needed for a spicy live action roleplay, especially if you are thinking about my family sex stories. Do you know that line from the Little Mermaid? I got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty! I have almost every single type of toy that you can buy. Some of my favorites to use on the phone are paddles, butt plugs, and of course, plenty of dildos!

I love to pleasure myself until I am cumming over and over again during our calls. Just make sure you don’t mind it when I end up out of breath and panting on our calls! Also – I want to hear about what type of toys you have! Guys can have so much fun with toys too! I highly recommend a prostate massager if you are on the search for that perfect new toy.

Once we pick out what toys we want to play with, the roleplay can start.

I am going to blow your brains out with the phone sex I like to have. I want to describe all the naughty things we would do to each other.

Nurse, daddy-daughter, girl next door…nothing is off limits. Whatever you can think of, I have probably come to it before so don’t be shy!

Your desires are what turn me on the most. Sure! My cunt gets soaking wet at ageplay and daddy daughter, but what gets me going more is when a guy is super into the call. I want to hear your gasps and moans while you stroke your cock to the sound of my voice.

Tell me what you are doing and what makes that dick throbbing hard. I want to close my eyes and envision everything you are doing to yourself while our kinky live-action roleplay is running through my mind at the same time.

Are you ready to pull your pants down and take your cock out for me?

Better yet – just strip completely but call me first. I want to hear you taking all your clothes off just because I want you to. Get comfortable and grab some of your favorite lube because I can go for hours if you will let me.

I am able to squirt over and over again until I’m practically drowning in a sea of my own pussy juice. So are you going to let me sink or come dive in to help me?

Looking for cheap phone sex? Don’t settle with just anyone.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke