Want to hear one of my hot family sex stories? I have so many to tell.

Family sex stories are my absolute favorite. One, in particular, makes me very hot about how it all began. You have been out late at the bars. It’s a normal Saturday night. I look at my clock that reads two in the morning. Mommy has already been in bed for a few hours when I hear you stumble inside my bedroom. I close my eyes and smile as you slide into my bed underneath the covers. Your fingers start to run up and down my legs and you lift my nightgown up. I can feel your breathing get heavy on my neck when you realize your sweet baby girl isn’t wearing any panties.

It’s only been a month since you started sneaking into my room. First, you would just masturbate on my bed, and then you started doing it right above my face while I pretended to be asleep. I was too nervous to show you how much I loved our special nights together. I have been waiting all week for you. Your fingers start exploring my tight pussy, making me moan a little.

 “Be a good baby girl” you whisper into my ear as you start unzipping your jeans.

You get on top me, careful not to shake the bed. I know what to do now. My mouth opens wide to take the tip of your cock inside me. I am still learning to take more but it’s enough that your heavy breaths turn into moans. My tongue runs over my lips when I can start tasting your yummy pre-cum. I let out a big grin knowing I am going to make Daddy very happy tonight. You take yourself out of my mouth and pull the covers down to reveal a wet spot on the bed from me. You think to yourself how much you love teen sex with your naughty princess.

I feel you move down and part my legs open, as you slide into me. At first, this feeling wasn’t comfortable, but I can’t get enough of Daddy coming in and spending time with me. As your moans get louder, you start to burst inside of me. The feeling is so good. You kiss my lips and walk out, careful not to make a sound.  I love when you give me a kiss on the cheek Saturday evening, right in front of mom, before you leave to go out with your friends.

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