Teen sex is one of Daddy’s fetishes! I never knew that we would be having so much fun when Mom is still at work.

Teen sex is something I never knew Daddy would like, but I have been Daddy’s special little girl for a while now, ever since Daddy walked in on me playing with myself. When I first caught him looking at me from the corner of my eye, I was so nervous! But the nerves went away when I saw where his hand was- right on his cock. My eyes lit up really wide when I saw that! I had been masturbating thinking about when I walked in on Daddy in the shower and now his cock was right in front of me. Ever since then, we have our own special routine.

Every day when I get home from school, Daddy greets me as soon as I open the front door. Mom won’t be home until six which gives us three full hours to have some fun together. He helps take off my book bag and leads me into the living room. I can see his computer has pregnant sex stories loaded up on it, but I don’t have time to think about that.

Next, Daddy takes his pants off, sits on the couch and spreads his legs.

I know exactly what he is craving and after seven hours at school, I need it too. Almost instinctively, I get down on my hands and knees and I crawl over to Daddy. I take his cock and start stroking it with my hands. Just like how Daddy likes it, I start to go a little faster. Then I carefully massage the head of his cock. I have gotten a lot better since we first started. I know all of Daddy’s really sensitive spots now.

Once I have all of Daddy’s attention and his cock is throbbing hard, I start to take him in my mouth. It feels so good to have something so warm and hard inside my throat. Daddy puts his hands on the back of my head and tests my limits gently. I can almost take all of his cock and I can’t wait until I can take it all! I start working my tongue while my lips slide up and down his cock. That’s when Daddy just explodes in my mouth without a warning! I love getting so much cum right after school. I will get more though before Mom gets home! This is only the first part of our after-school routine.

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