Cuckold lesbian sex stories– my favorite!

This is the second of my cuckold lesbian sex stories, read part one here.

When we left off, you had just set up a date with me on OkCupid using your girlfriend as bate. I listed myself as a lesbian but you still thought it would be a good idea to contact me. Little did you know that I saw this as an opportunity to hook up with your hot girlfriend and humiliate YOU!

We decide to meet for a drink, some cute little spot downtown. Your girlfriend looks stunning and she and I immediately hit it off. We start talking like old friends, laughing and touching each other as we flirt and fall deeper into a conversation. The longer she and I talk, the more you disappear. You try and interject but your girlfriend looks more and more annoyed each time you speak… she is so into me. I’ve got her wrapped around my finger.

You are sitting on the sidelines, watching like a kid in time out.

We try and ditch you at the bar but you don’t get it, you chase after us with a smile on your face. The delusion inside of you lives on, that a lesbian would somehow desire you and that you are going to get to fuck both of us tonight. Despite our best efforts, you catch up and jump into the uber before we can leave. We’ve locked the back doors so you have to sit in the front seat, watching helplessly as she and I are aggressively making out in the back seat. My hand is up her shirt and she is moaning into my mouth.

You reach back to put your hand on her leg and she slaps it away.

You reach back to put your hand on my leg and I slap it away.

There’s no room for you in this threesome. Even when we get back to the house, you helplessly watch as I get tongue deep in your girlfriend’s pussy. These lesbian sex stories are insane! She’s moaning my name and grinding her cunt into my mouth. When you try and come up behind me to rub my ass (as if I’m going to let you fuck me doggy style) I turn around and sharply say,

“DID I SAY YOU COULD TOUCH ME? …go to the fucking corner NOW and sit on your hands. You are lucky that you get to watch…”

Stay tuned for part three… until then, call me for the humiliation phone sex that you need. Mention “Lesbian Cuckold” for free phone sex minutes 🙂