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Do you get horny thinking about hot lesbian sex stories?  Isn’t erotic literature so steamy?  We all do!  I love watching lesbian porn, love watching how two or even more girls love one another’s bodies.  I love how sensual they are together.  You could definitely say I enjoy and appreciate the womanly body, her curves, that round breast, and pinchable nipples.  I could just go on and on about it.  The story I’m about to share is still vivid in my mind like a hot phone sex porn scene.

I remember in my early teen years, I had a friend down the street named Linda.  She was a beautiful tall girl with long black hair and hazel eyes.  Her body was lean and had perky breasts.  She could’ve had any guy she wanted.  Guys would check her out whenever we went out together.  She never seemed interested in their affections.  I being a curious girl didn’t think that was normal.  I thought all girls had crushes or boyfriends.  Our friendship blossomed.  We could often be found at one another’s houses.  We spent lots of time together.

One night during a sleepover at her house she confided in me that she was a lesbian.  She told me she liked other girls and had always loved them since she was young.  All the pieces of the puzzle came into focus.  I’m sure you have all kinds of lesbian sex stories that you have read about or talked about during hot phone sex calls, however, my knowledge of such things was limited back then.  I was very curious about what she loved about girls instead of hot guy.  She explained to me that she loved their bodies, they smelled good, tasted good, and kissed so softly, and a girl knew what a girl likes.

Linda Asked Me About My Latest Crush!

I told her that’s all it would be.  I’m not very good with guys.  She laughed at me and told me I’m too beautiful not to be good with guys.  I shook my head and told her I was very shy.  Linda said she could show me.  I grew nervous at this suggestion.  She scooted over to me on the bed.  She instructed me to put my arms around her neck.   Her soft body felt so good against me.  Why was I becoming turned on by this contact?  Linda’s soft lips kissed my parted lips delicately.  I asked Linda if all guys kiss like this.  She said no only girls kiss this soft.  Linda told me to kiss her again.  My lips softly kissed her back.

My body melted as she kissed my neck and shoulders.  She asked me if I wanted her to stop.  I told her not to stop.  I wanted to know what guys and girls do together.  My nightgown was removed.  My nipples stood at attention.  She hungrily took one of my nipples into her mouth suckling till it hardened into a tight bud.  Soft fingers caressed my belly and down to my thighs.  She moaned as her fingers found my wet pussy.  Her fingers circled my clit.  I cried out in utter pleasure.  Her lips kissed lightly down to my pussy.

Her Tongue Found My Pink Clit and Licked Lightly, a Moan Escaped My Lips!

She told me to relax and surrender to the lovemaking only she could give me.  She sucked and teased and licked me till I screamed out and told her I was going to cum!   Linda said she would not stop till I came over and over.  After several climaxes, we lay together.  Linda said this was only the beginning, and to rest up because she wanted to show me so much more!  I kissed her softly and told her I was ready for our next lesson.

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