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Everyone loves a sexy lesbian sex story that gets our juices flowing.  Lesbian sex stories gets our imaginations running wild.  Perhaps you’re a horny guy who loves hot girl-on-girl action or perhaps that desperate housewife who has pent-up desires that you can’t share with anyone else.  Don’t get me wrong, I love dick as much as a girl can love cock.  However, there are those occasions where I want some girls-only time.  Sometimes I just want to hang out and have some fun with just the girls.

I called up my two friends Caren and Terra on the phone for a girls-only play date.  They eagerly agreed and said they would be here.  They showed up both wearing cute sexy sun dresses and cute shoes.  I loved when they wore dresses that showed their sexy legs.  Lunch was yummy and we all caught up since it had been a little time since we had all been together.  We went shopping at the mall after lunch.

Feeling curious, stepped into a cute store with some trendy dresses and did a little modeling in the dressing room.  We all stepped into a large room and tried on the dresses for one another.  I couldn’t keep my hands or lips off of them.  When Caren removed her top I had to go for those hard nipples.  Caren had large sensitive nipples that always perked up when touched.  Terra joined me in sucking Caren’s other nipple.  She bit her lip back trying not to cry out.

We did our best to contain ourselves and wait till we got home.

After arriving home, we headed to the bedroom.  We all undressed pulling off our soaked panties.  I fed Terra my soaked panties to suck.  She took the crotch in her mouth and sucked hungrily.  Caren beat Terra down to my pussy and started licking my wet pussy.  Terra scowled at Caren for heading downtown first.  Caren went behind Terra and started licking her pussy from behind.  All that could be heard was the licking and moaning as their mouths were full of pussy juice.

Terra crawled up to my face.  I loved when Terra smothered me with her pussy.  I loved tasting her sweet cunt on my face.  Caren licked me faster liking what she saw.  This was only the start of our nasty afternoon together.  You see my husband would be gone the whole weekend.  I had these visions of bending slutty Caren over my bed and using my large strap on inside of her juicy pussy.  The weekend was truly wet and sensual.

Don’t hold these fantasies in, now that you’ve read my lesbian sex story let’s play together whether you’re that naughty man or that sensual housewife who would love to escape with me.

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