Daddy rewards his good little girl with oral sex!

My father and I are close and even sleep in the same bed quite often. Even though I was eighteen now I still only slept in my panties and a bra. My friends used to find it strange but Daddy never minded, and always held me close. I fell asleep easily, as usual, dreaming of something perfect. After a while I woke up to something unthinkable- my own father was giving me oral sex!

I couldn’t believe what he was doing, but honestly, it felt amazing. The way he sucked my clit into his mouth made me tremble and I didn’t want it to stop. His tongue slid over my slit and darted inside my tight teen pussy. I couldn’t hold back my moans as he slid his rough finger inside me. My hand slipped down and tangled in his hair as he licked my sensitive clit. I could feel him moan into me and I knew he had wanted this for a long time. His other hand was now wrapped around my leg tightly to control my every move. I had never thought oral sex could be so amazing!

Daddy did something naughty…

I was dripping wet and had never felt such pleasure. My Daddy made me promise to stay pure so I had never tried oral sex. As he slid a second finger inside me I felt as if I was going to melt. It felt so incredibly naughty and good to be stretched out. I started moaning louder as he rammed them deeper and deeper until I came hard all over my father’s hand. I couldn’t catch my breath and my body was shaking still. A few moments went by with Daddy between my legs, kissing and licking all of my sweet juices. He let me lick his yummy fingers clean before kissing me goodnight.

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