Lesbian Cuckold Part 3: Embarrassing Sex Stories

You can add this one to the long list of embarrassing sex stories that make up your pathetic sex life, CUCKOLD!

How humiliating, to watch your girlfriend get fucked by a woman RIGHT in front of you. Not to mention, the woman that you hoped would be the third to your threesome. This is the third of three embarrassing sex stories I’ve written to humiliate all you shame-sluts that need to be taught a lesson… read one and two here!

Lucky for your girlfriend, you’ve set up this little threesome. Unlucky for you, you have been pushed out of it.

Like I said in my last blog, “there’s no room for you in this threesome” as you helplessly watched me get tongue deep in your girlfriends pussy. When you tried to get in on the party by rubbing on my ass, lining up your cock with my pussy, I turned around and screamed at you, “DID I SAY YOU COULD TOUCH ME?” and sent you to the corner to sit on your hands.


You look like a hurt puppy sitting there with a raging boner as your girlfriend grinds her sweet twat all over my face. I look over at you and say, “she tastes like sugar,” before burying my face between her legs again. She keeps saying that I eat her pussy better than you ever had. You notice that she is making sounds that you’ve never heard before and you can’t believe how turned on she is.

She doesn’t give a fuck about your cock anymore. She doesn’t need you, I’ve officially turned her. The reality of it begin’s to set in as you watch me slide my thick, black dildo into her pussy and fuck her with my strap on. She’s completely forgotten that you are there. She’s begging me to fuck her harder, deeper and faster and all you can do is watch.

I look over and smile at you while I fuck her. Would you like permission to stroke? Call me for phone sex then.


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