Have you ever fantasized about a lesbian cuckold? Me too.

I love the idea of turning your girlfriend into a lesbian right in front of your eyes. Sure, being made into a cuckold by a man with a bigger dick is pretty humiliating but a lesbian cuckold is some next level shit… you girlfriend won’t even care about cock anymore once I am done with her. How emasculating!

Humiliation phone sex, my favorite.

In my fantasy, you and your girlfriend have been wanting to spice up your relationship. You suggest finding a woman to have a threesome with and your girlfriend, who is dying for an outlet from your shitty sex life, agreed. The two of you turn to dating sites, searching for a sexy lesbian to be your third.

None of the women that you write to are responding, none of them are interested in YOU or your profile.

Blast, what are you going to do?! Being the delusional fuck that you are, you think that a lesbian is going to want to have sex with you but lesbians don’t like having sex with men… what a dilemma! This is when you have the grand idea of using your girlfriend’s OKCupid profile to get the attention of a lesbian. You encourage her to write messages to the women you want to fuck, hoping that one of them will take the bait.

I hate when men do this.

Yes, I am bisexual and I love cock– but I have more than enough of it. I have a hard time finding women to date so I specifically advertise myself as a lesbian on dating sites. It pisses me off when men disrespect this and go hunting for dykes, using their girlfriend as bait.

I hate when men do this but I LOVE the opportunity to humiliate them.

Yes, I agree to fuck you and your girlfriend, but NO, it won’t be the menage tois of your dreams…. this is going to be a very different kind of lesbian phone sex

(stay tune for the next portion of this blog)