Hot Ride Home Turns Into a Lesbian Foot Fetish Party for Two!

There are a lot of foot fetish stories with hot lesbian sex, but how about a different twist with a sexy true lesbian foot fetish experience?  This story takes place several years ago when I was doing an internship.  During this time, I was on my feet a lot.  My feet had never been in so much pain before.  The pain would travel along my entire foot, heel, and up my leg.

A visit to the doctor confirmed that I had bone spurs.  The pain was so sharp, like needles.  I was told to stretch my feet, apply a mixture of cold and hot therapy, rest, and elevate my feet.  My internship would not be ending for a bit of time.  So I did the best I could, resting whenever possible.  It was difficult balancing rest with work.

One day I took a car service home.  It had been a long day and I was ready to relax.  A female picked me up that night.  I think she was the first female driver I had encountered using this service.  Right away she complimented my good looks, how lovely my skin was, how my eyes shined like stars.  The compliments were flattering, but coming from a woman, well that was most certainly different from the normal compliments I received from a gentleman.

We made conversation on the way home.  I told her a bit about my internship and how tired I was especially my feet.  Her eyes perked up in interest.  The driver’s name was Cindy.  She most happily offered to rub my feet for me.  The thought of this stranger rubbing my feet made me feel just a bit uneasy, but I was flattered that she cared so much for my well-being.

Cindy wasn’t bad to look at.  She had medium-length blonde hair, big breasts, a slim body, and sparkling brown eyes.  We finally made it to my door.  Cindy jumped out of the car and opened my door.  I took my bags to prepare to carry them inside, but Cindy took my bags and offered to carry them in.  Cindy asked if she could get something to drink as it was so hot.  She seemed so nice so I invited her in.

Once inside, I poured some iced tea for her.  She drank the beverage gratefully.  We sat on the couch and talked for a while.  Conversing with Cindy came easily and naturally.  Suddenly, Cindy took my feet and placed it on her lap.  She removed my shoes and socks.  The air hitting my feet felt so good.  Heck, it just felt to had my feet out of my hot shoes.  I wondered, with embarrassment if she could smell my feet and did Cindy had a hidden lesbian foot fetish.  If she did, Cindy didn’t seem to care.

Gingerly, Cindy began to rub my tired and aching feet.  I sighed with appreciation for this stranger who cared enough to touch my sweaty feet, let alone massage it.  Her hands felt rather good gliding along my soul, massaging my toes, pulling and gently twisting my ankles.  I winced when she reached my heels, feeling the needle-like pricks shoot down my feet.

Sensing my pain, Cindy applied less pressure, all the while complimenting my feet, the softness of my skin, and my beautiful eyes.  Cindy lifted my feet and began kissing my toes.  Her soft lips caressed each toe kissing gently.  Her soft tongue began tickling under my toes and down my arches.  I groaned and let it happen.  Her licks and kisses were making me feel hot inside.  My sex began to purr with desire.  I wanted this woman to worship my feet and then move up my body to do the same.  What magic was this stranger doing?  I wanted her right now!

That was a hot lesbian foot fetish story!  I’d love to hear all about your hot foot fetish true or fantasy stories!

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