You Think This Guy Has A Serious Hidden Feet Fetish?

Do you know someone who has a known or secret feet fetish fixation they cannot block out of their minds?  We all have our own desires.  For some of us, it is a panty fetish, impregnation, boobs!  Feet are beautiful as they are delicate.  They look so good in pretty shoes, high heels, ballerina slippers, open-toed sandals, stockings, or even just after a new pedicure has been applied.  My cousin Joey was telling me over lunch at our house about his feet fetish that he has had for a while.  I asked Joey to describe how it makes him feel.  Joey told me it makes his cock so hard when a woman will let him worship her beautiful feet, suck on her toes, massage them, rub them on his hard cock.

In fact, Joey told me his feet fetish was so serious he wouldn’t date a woman with ugly feet.  I asked Joey how would he know if they had ugly feet on the first date.  Well, he finds a way to steer the conversation to pretty feet since girls love to talk about shoes.  I don’t know how he does this but he asks them to take off their shoes to look at her feet.  If they are too big or have callouses on the toes he won’t go any further than this date.  The reason is that if a woman can’t take care of the most important tool that transports them from place to place, they may not take care of the rest of their body or their man.  Somehow I wasn’t surprised to hear this.

Well, I told Joey my feet are pretty average so he may not even ask me for a second date.  I said this playfully knowing he was my cousin and nothing would come of this discussion.  He half-jokingly told me to take off my shoes to prove it.  I shied away from Joey and tried to change the topic.  He made a lunge for my shoes and yanked them off.  My feet were covered in socks but he looked very quiet as if he were sizing something up.  I shooed him away as if to say the end of the discussion.  Then he pulled my socks off with a quick motion and sat back on his heels.  His eyes flickered surprised.  He lifted one of my feet up and raised it to his lips.

The feel of his soft lips on my soul almost sent chills down my spine.  Then his tongue caressed my instep making me feel very hot.  I groaned trying to fight back the lust Joey was making me feel.  This felt so wrong and yet so good.  He gently sucked each toe into his mouth.  I could see he was rubbing himself through his pants.  I was too shocked and horny to react.  His mouth and tongue started kissing and licking his way up my foot.  His fingers expertly massaged my other foot.  Joey made a bold move and took out his cock and started massaging the head of his dick on my other foot.  Joey’s feet fetish took on a whole new dimension of hot!  I couldn’t believe my own cousin was worshiping my feet.   Joey was putty in my hands.

I took both of my feet and wrapped them playfully around his dick.  He moaned in surprise and eagerness.  My feet massaged skillfully up and down the shaft of his hard tool.  Pre cum oozed from the head of his rod onto my feet lubricating my feet and cock.  His head tilted back and eyes closed in a rapturous expression.  That afternoon was the beginning of discovering many secrets my cousin Joey had.  Let’s talk about all of the kinky fantasies that lurk in my head and hear the sexy dark secrets that you have kept hidden in your closet.


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