My Cousin Had A Secret Panty Fetish That Came To Light!

Do you know anyone with a sexy panty fetish?  This phone sex operator has a hot sexy story about sexy moist panties.  This fetish and others such as the smoking fetish is definitely a topic we didn’t discuss so openly in polite conversation when I was younger.  This was rather unfortunate as I feel this fetish deserves more recognition for being one of the top hot fetishes on my list!

I had such a crush on my cousin, I know very taboo.  I was in my teens and he was so fascinating.  He was very in tune with himself, very sensitive, and very caring.  He was always there to lend a helping hand.  So he visited quite extensively one summer.  We spent lots of time together.  We would go shopping together, go hiking, fishing, swimming, and so many other things.

I should have guessed something was awry when pairs of my favorite panties went missing.  At first I dismissed it as carelessness on my end or that of my help staff.  My large house had staff that my parents hired.  Who knows maybe one of the ladies took them out of jealousy.  When my third pair of panties went missing I was determined to find out who was taking them.  My staff denied any dealings with the missing undergarments.

The incident was forgotten until I returned home early from an outing with my friends.  One of my girlfriends accompanied me to the mall that day where we had a lovely day of shopping.  Lanet came in with me to visit.  Lanet was a charming girl very sparkly personality and was very pretty.  I told her to wait in one of the smaller sitting rooms while I went to put my things in my suite.  Upon opening the door I heard a noise.  I rounded the corner and saw my cousin Justin in my room on my bed.  He had a pair of panties to his nose and was wearing what appeared to be one of my pink panties.

All the pieces of the puzzle came together.  Now I understood my cousin’s frequent visits and why my panties went missing..  My cousin Justin lay there, feeling ashamed and embarrassed.  He stammered his apology, telling me he didn’t feel comfortable telling anyone about his panty fetish.  It’s not like a foot fetish he told me.  More people accept loving the feet.  I thought about this for a moment.  I was upset that he couldn’t talk to me about this as we spent so much time together.  Then I surprised my cousin by telling him this was not something to be ashamed about, that he should love his fetish and embrace it.  Justin told me he enjoyed the smell of my moist panties and licking them to taste my pussy juice on his tongue.

Then one day Justin put them on.  He felt embarrassed trying them on for the first time but so naughty and aroused.  Justin breathed in relief after I told him it was all right.  I sat on the bed and asked if Justin would do what he was doing when I caught him with my panties.  Justin flushed a deep red.  I told him after all he would rather put on a private show for me and not Lanet who was ready to watch.  He groaned at the mention of Lanet’s name.  He really did not fancy her at all, said she was stuffy.

Justin cupped his cock over the panties and started stroking.  His cock bulged out, making the panties stand out on end.  I started rubbing my thighs together.  This was absolutely delicious making my cousin masturbate.  I told Justin to stroke slowly and let me enjoy the show.  He tried to control his pace as the material was rubbing his cock so nicely and caressing his balls with the smoothest whisper across his flesh.  I told Justin how naughty he was that he was thinking about my pussy by sneaking a taste of my panties.  I stuffed the other pair of panties into his mouth and made him suck on the crotch of my panties.

Masturbating for an audience made Justin’s cock squirt some pre cum.  The liquid could be seen through the panties as he handled his cock.  This was making me hot that he was doing something so naughty.  Justin told me he wanted to cum.  I told him he better not cum till I told him he could.  I took his hand off his cock.  He moaned in desperation.  My intention was to make him wait a little while so that I could look at him wearing my panties.    What happened next?  Do you think I would be so sadistic to make him wait that long?

That day was a sexy adventure!  My cousin learned to embrace his panty fetish and went on to enjoy many more adventures.  If you’re thinking about some sexy fetish phone sex of your very own, now’s the right time!

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