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I love Asian sex stories, especially true stories.   One of my good friends Sam and I caught up recently.  Sam lived the next city over.  He was always a hard-working guy, mostly motivated by work.  I rarely ever heard of him going out, especially on dates.  It caused some of us to speculate why he shut himself away so much.  Sam used to be very outgoing.

Over lunch, Sam confessed to me he had met a girl online.  He was afraid to tell anyone for fear of judgment.  I sat back very surprised, but waiting for the story.  Sam met a girl on one of his gaming sites.  They eventually took their chat off the gaming site and would video chat every night.  Their relationship grew, and the two of them became closer.  They would even have virtual sex together.

Sam told me that she was Asian.  By the way Sam talked of her long silky straight hair, smooth skin, and dazzling eyes, I could tell he was quite taken with her.  His girl’s name was Jen.  She had an Asian name but felt more comfortable being called Jen.

One day while talking she expressed wanting to come to the States to meet him.

Jen stayed a long time, and Sam spared no expense to ensure Jen’s comfort.  He treated Jen like a Queen.  He lavished her with lovely gifts, his time, pampering Jen with anything her heart desired.  Sam told me Jen was not experienced sexually.  She had never experienced an orgasm.  Now, Sam was up for a challenge.  He was determined to make her cum.

One night Sam and Jen lay in bed together.  Up till now, they had only cuddled.  Sam had read Asian sex stories, and had always dreamed of being with a hot Asian, but never dreamed one would be so beautiful as the girl in his arms.  They started to kiss passionately.  Jen loved how Sam would kiss her delicate lips.  His hands caressed her soft face, down her shoulders, and found their way to her small, but cute tits.

Vowing to take his time, Sam kissed Jen long and deep till he heard her moan reached her arms around his neck, and kissed him back.  His lips traveled down her neck and to her tits to play around her nipple  Circling her nipple with his tongue he hardened them into taut buds.  Not wanting to stop the momentum, Sam kissed her belly and came up between her thighs.  Gently kissing her inner thigh, he parted Jen’s legs.  His tongue darted and caressed her pussy lips.

Sam could already tell that Jen was excited.

Licking and exploring the softness of her wet, sweet pussy, he found that sweet spot.  His tongue flicked and licked her swollen clit, till he felt Jen’s hips raise up.  Her screams filled the air as he felt her cum all over his face.  Sam couldn’t take anymore.  He had to have her now.  Swiftly Sam mounted Jen and slowly entered her tight depths.  He had to move slowly inside of her.  He had never experienced such a tight fit.  Her pussy seemed to grab his cock in a tight hold.  It was hard not to cum, but Sam was determined to take her places she had never ventured.

Unfortunately, Jen was married.  They had quite a long affair before she broke his heart and ended their love affair.  Sam and Jen went on many more hot adventures together.  Jen was not just another taboo Asian sex stories tryst.  I believe they truly felt a deep connection together.

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