The Good Little Cuckold

This was the best day when I found out what a Cuckold Kenny really was! Kenny had always had a small package. It never could satisfy me in any way. I loved Kenny however it was clear I needed to do something to get my fill, or we weren’t going to last long. So I decided I was going to bring home some BBC. Since I had many friends who were biting at the chance to fuck me it was easy to bring him home.

I first decided I was going to Cuckold Kenny when we were about to have the same old boring sex and only he was going to get off. I decided I was going to make him eat my pussy until I came. But it hit me! I could have a real cock deep in my pussy! So I jumped off the bed, got dressed, and drove as fast as I could over to Tyrone’s house. I didn’t tell him anything yet, only I knew what was about to happen!

When we arrived back at Kenny & I’s house we got out, went inside, and sat in the living room, waiting for Kenny to come out. Kenny was mad that I just took off out of nowhere but I told him I had a surprise. He got excited, it was cute! So I left Tyrone and Kenny to talk in the living room while I jumped in the shower.

If I wanted this to work the way I had played it out in my head time and time again, everything would have to be perfect.

It didn’t take long for me to get cleaned up, freshly shaven, make-up and hair did, and into some of my brand new lingerie! I was wearing a pink and black corset top, with matching panties, black fishnet stockings that hugged my sexy thighs just right, and a pair of 5-inch pink heels. So I felt hot!

I was in the bedroom finishing my look off. A couple of spritz of hair spray here, a little more eye shadow there, and I’m ready! “Tyrone!” I yelled. Just like that, I heard him get off of the couch and into my room. There stood the 6’7”, ripped, black man that I had fantasized about for way too long! He looked at me in awe. I’ve never worn this little bit of clothing around him before and I could tell by the size of his growing cock this was going to be a night for the books! He looked me up and down a few times. Stepped closer to me and I jumped in his arms and started to kiss his big, full lips. I was grinding my pussy on his ripped abs as we kissed. Then Kenny came in.

I had Tyrone put me down, his cock big and ready for tight wet pussy that needed to be stuffed so badly! I lay on the bed on my stomach and raised my body up so that I was on all fours. Kenny was staring as if he had never seen my ass in the air before. “SIT!” I ordered and he sat on the end of the bed while Tyrone sild my panties off and kissed my pussy. Tyrone tossed my panties at Kenny. That’s when I knew we were about to get this Cuckold fun started! Tyrone told Kenny to suck his dick so he didn’t hurt my pussy when he slid that big black cock into me!

Kenny was listening and obeying everything that was said. And then it happened!

Tyrone slid that 13-inch cock deep into my pussy! As I was getting used to feeling that big of a cock in me he began to pump, harder and faster. I loved every second of it! Having my pussy stretched out, being so fucking wet, my juices were dripping down Tyrone’s balls. I ordered Kenny to get under us and lick my clit like the good little cuckold he was! I moaned in pure pleasure, my toes started to curl. My pussy tightened, my eyes rolled back and I came all around his big black cock! I asked Kenny if he wanted to taste my cum. And he, of course, said “Yes” So Tyrone pulled out of me and Kenny started to suck all of my white creamy goodness off of him!

It was so hot! Tyrone slipped back inside of my dripping wet pussy and was fucking me so hard while Kenny watched; he was being the perfect little Cuckold! Tyrone blew his load deep in my pussy, and Kenny was told to eat it all out. While he was eating Tyrone’s cum out of my pussy he came in his own hand! That’s the day I realized that Kenny was just a Cuckold to me, and his duties were clean up and watch. Kenny obeyed all of his orders every time Tyrone and I decided it was a night perfect for Cuckolding Kenny. It was almost as if that’s how it was supposed to be.

Kenny was the perfect little Cock Cuckold.

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