The crazy sex stories I could tell you I’ve had with Joe.

There was partying, music, and dancing that night at the club. Drugs and drinks were everywhere for anyone to have. My mind was hazy, my vision blurring and swirling. Joe lead me from the car to the bedroom. Joe loves adventures to be wild. You can imagine all the crazy sex stories we have together. I couldn’t tell you how many lines of coke or how much whiskey I had in my system. In no time he was all over me and with his engorged and throbbing cock deep into my pussy. 

My lips parted as I let out a moan in his ear, “Yes, harder, please.” I got too much pleasure out of the way he was fucking me, he pulled out. The room was spinning and I couldn’t tell up from down as he stumbled to the other side of the bed.

He grabbed hold of my hair and pulled me onto my knees in front of him.

“Open,” he ordered, and I obeyed. I had time to think, his cock was crammed down my throat. Face fucking me just as hard as he had been fucking my soaking wet pussy. Just as his balls hit my chin. I could feel my stomach lurch. Vomit rushed up and into my mouth.

I tried to pull back but he held me in place, making me gag on his throbbing dick. I tried to swallow back everything I had eaten that night, the alcohol burning on the way back up and making my eyes water as I struggled to keep eye contact with Joe who was still fucking my throat as vomit dripped from the corners of my mouth and dribbled down onto my breasts.

Suddenly, he pulled back and what vomit was left in my mouth I swallowed.  I hungrily cleaned off his puke coated cock. Like the good little vomiting fuck doll, I was. This is just one night I had with Joe. The Crazy Sex Stories we had are Wide and Deep. Look for more with Joe!

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