Mike is the reason I have Interracial sex stories.

This Slut Interracial sex stories I have with Mike. I met Mike through my Brother. As most of you know who reads my blogs. You know My brother shares me with his friends. Mike happens to be one of his friends. I met Mike after a party my Brother had. Of course, I was the entertainment. Robert always made me come to the parties to get his friends off. I had never been with a black man before this night. However, that would change. Mike was a tall black man skinny and very dark. I can remember liking the way he told stories. Who knew I would be apart of his stories one day.

The After Party

It was getting late and everyone started to leave. Robbie had an old camper out in the backfield of our farm. That’s where Robbie and his friends would stay if they drank too much. That also was where A lot of his friends has fucked me. I was cleaning up and Robbie called me into the camper. His Friend Mike was in there with his cock out stroking it. As I walked in Robbie pushed me back to where MIke was. I knew it was my job to please Mike. I walked back to him kneeling in front of Mikes hard cock. Reaching up and grabbing the first Black cock I’ve ever seen.

Storking it for Mike and watching for a reaction.

Mike lifted his hand to my cheek rubbing it softly. then to my neck pulling me down on his Hard shaft. He was Huge and about 9 inches. Thick as well. I had never seen a cock this big let alone so dark. It was a turn on and knew I wanted to feel him inside my slut hole. I took his hard cock into my mouth as I traced those hard veins down his shaft. Knowing I couldn’t get all of him into my mouth but I was going to try. My hand met my mouth pumping his hard cock as I lick the other half. Giving him the sloppiest Blow job I have ever given. I wanted that monster nice and wet when it slid into my tight pussy.

Mike’s Python grew Hard

I knew Mike was not going to blow his creamy load for me down my throat. So as I looked up at him with a mouth full of his Big Black Cock. I climbed up his lap and straddle his huge cock. Mike looked at me in the eyes as I just was about to lower my tight little pussy down on his rob. That’s when he threw me off his lap and threw my on my back. He wanted to be the one in control of that hard cock.

He wasn’t going to let me take it easy or softly.

Turns out Robbie told him I was a slut. Mike was ready to see how much of a slut I was! Taking his cock head and rubbing into my pussy lips seeing just how wet I was. Then taking that Monster and entering my slit. He put that thick head into me and I knew this was gonna hurt. I had never felt anyone as thick as his head was.

Once his Hard rod was in me I knew there was no turning back.

I was going to be a Big Black Cock Lover. He plunged that hard Rod inside me stretching every bit of my tight pussy. I was being impaled on his black hard cock. It hurt but the pain was no match for the pleaser he was giving me. I had tears in my eyes but begging him to fuck me harder. Mike did not disappoint. He pounded my cunt like he had never felt pussy before. Grabbing my hips and pulling me into him as he fucked me. Stroke after stroke getting me closer and closer to the many orgasms I had that night on his cock.

As I laid there shaking having one of the biggest orgasms

I’ve ever had Mike was still pounding away. He never stopped. Never let me catch my breath or even missed a beat. He was on a mission I was gonna take that Big Black Cocks Creamy cum. It was one of the thickest creamiest loads I’ve ever taken. It was pure bliss. That night Mike knew he could fuck this slut anytime he chooses. Mike took that up often. I was made into a Big Black Cock slut!


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