Nothing really beats interracial sex stories.

Interracial sex stories are my weakness. I love the thrill of it all. Not only are black guys insanely attractive to me, but I also have a weak spot for the bad boys. At the high school and college, I went to, I was surrounded by both of those. Can you say heaven? Because it was definitely mine. I may live in a different part of town now, but my old friends and fuck buddies still hang around. Trust me, I built up a nice little black book of all my favorites. My first fuck buddy was even the one who taught me how to have phone sex. I owe a lot to that delicious big black cock, and there’s no limit to how far I’ll go just to keep playing with them. No boy or lover can tell me what to do.

You just can’t beat a naughty, dark-skinned lover.

The size of the cock is almost always bigger.. Trust me, it’s not just a cliche. My favorite was a tall dread-head with a 10″ cock. That sounds massive on its own, but can you imagine how good it felt? He was thick as hell! It was both long and wide enough to stretch my little pussy and send me on a road trip to heaven. They gave me some of the best sex stories I’ll ever tell. That dread-headed guy was a bad boy, too. He was the typical kind of guy who didn’t let anyone tell him what to do. This included not letting my later boyfriends get in his way when I wanted to fuck him. You can’t really tell a big cock what to do..they always get their way.

Come play with me. Your Taboo Phone Sex Princess

Craving a little taboo phone sex, baby? Tell me all the dirty little secrets you can’t tell anyone else..