My interracial sex stories go all the way back to my very first boyfriend.

Looking for true interracial sex stories? My first boyfriend was a mixed guy. He lived with his mom on the “bad” part of town and had never met his dad. He was so sexy with his light brown skin and hazel eyes! I couldn’t resist him.

My parents had told me to stay away from his neighborhood. They didn’t like my girlfriend who’d introduced us, either. They said she was slutty and a “bad influence.” But I was quite the aspiring teenage hussy, of course . . . so what the fuck did I care?? (I didn’t)

The first time I came over to his house we were home alone. His mom was out for the night, at the bar again. I remember sitting on his the cement steps of his front porch stoop and him leaning in to kiss me with his thick, soft lips. His smell was intoxicating. It wasn’t long before he’d led me inside to his bedroom.

I had never touched a penis before and was more than a little nervous when he showed me his thick, hard brown cock. He pushed my head down between his legs and I went to work. I loved the feeling of his warm, wet black dick in my pretty pink mouth. It was SO good it inspires my naughty sex hotline confessions to this day!

But he didn’t come in my mouth the first time. He spread my freshly shaved teenage legs on his bed and mounted me, filling my virgin cunt. Want to know where he came and how long we fucked? I’ll tell you everything during our taboo adult chat.

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