Interracial sex stories are always more fun.

Interracial sex stories are usually always about big black cock.. and I can’t blame them for it, either. I’ve had my share of black fuckbuddies, and no one can deny that! But the whole reason they’re one of my favorites to play around with is very simple. Let’s go back to high school so I can explain better. Imagine me, a bad little tease, always making bad decisions and going to the crazy parties. This was while I was still a virgin, though I wasn’t really so innocent-minded. A lot of my friends ended up going to this after-game party, so I tagged along with them for the night.

Cue the party games.

With everyone illegally drunk and playing games like spin the bottle, the fun was heating up. Girls kissing girls, guys picking out girls to make out with in the closet.. All the typical high school shit, until one of my crazier friends got an idea. She came running back into the room with a few rulers, and started riling up the guys, making them competitive. You know guys are always bragging about how big their dicks are. This is just standard practice, even all the way back to middle school. Guys will brag about their dick sizes, and pretend it’s bigger than it really is. Well, the girls wanted proof.

So, with the ever-present need to show off, the guys took the bait and left the room to go turn themselves on and get ready to show off. I thought it would take a lot more coaxing for them to do it, but they went through with it! And they all came back, hard and ready, as me and one of my friends came closer to watch the results. You wanna know what they were?.. Every white guy there was under seven inches.. The Latino guy came in around seven and a half. And the three black guys came beating the record, at eight and a half, nine, and nine and a quarter inches. Keep in mind, we were still in high school, and these guys were still growing up! Can you imagine?

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