Interracial Sex Stories

Interracial Sex Stories, I Was His Lilly White Mistress And He Was Ready To Serve Miss Roxy. His fantasy to have a white girl humiliate and force him into unspeakable acts was just what the pathetic fool craved. No longer would he be in charge! Craving to touch the beautiful white skin and hump my leg with his big black cock. It was a first-time sex story for him, but just another naughty day for Roxy.

It all started the day I caught him in the bedroom. My husbands business partner had always looked at me with craving eyes, but it sure wasn’t the reason I thought it was for. Taboo it was! But instead of me thinking he just wanted to rail this pink pussy with his big black cock, Mr. K wanted Roxy to turn him into slave status. An easy task for me since I love to rule over men and make them puppets!

I found Mr. K standing next to my dresser with his eyes closed and his nose buried in a pair of dirty panties. Watching for a moment before I interrupted his moment of satisfaction. When Mr. K opened his eyes and looked in the mirror, he was startled by the sight of me. Dropping the panties he turned around and then dropped to his knees. Such a lovely pathetic sight to see him bowing down to me! Confessing his secret obsession he crawled across the room telling me how much he wanted to please me.

I laughed! My mind going places that I’d only gotten to experience at this level only once before. “Take out your dick!”, I commanded as he looked up at me with yearning eyes! “Your training is about to begin. Are you ready?”.

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