Interactive Sex Stories, Pt 3: Put Me On Your Christmas List

Dear Perverts, it’s been a total blast getting to know you this year. Laughing together, telling our secrets, cumming together. Many of you have asked about my Christmas list this year. We’ve created so many interactive sex stories together, from role plays to fantasy to real deal hardcore phone fucking, I just love all you kinky, perverted sweethearts!

You pervs sure do mean a lot to me, and so for the entire month of December, I’m going to give 5 free minutes to anyone who books a 20-minute call and 10 free minutes with every 30+ minute call! Just use the code 2017.


This is one way we can have some fun this holiday season. A little extra sweet time with your favorite little fox all month long!

My boy toys near and far have been asking me what I want for Christmas.


It’s been getting me so excited, I can barely contain it! The thought of getting to share my kinky gifts with each and everyone one of them is making my heart race for the holidays. Interactive sex stories are even more vivid when the experience is really shared. Will Evil Stud Vic get me another wicked little sex toy? I hope Vanilla Shawn buys me my favorite lingerie! Maybe Feminine Colin will spoil me with a “girls only” spa day! I’ve designed every present as a new way to play! The year might be coming to a close, but playtime is always open! And guess what, perverts! I plan to spread this holiday joy around (just like you plan to spread your cum all over my tits!).


Shiny new toys for our perverted pleasures! They spoil me and I spoil you!


When it comes to interactive sex stories, the holidays feel like they might just be my favorite time of year. I’m so excited to share my kinky presents with you! You lovely, lovely men have been so good to me and my body all year round, and we are going to have a lot of fun this holiday! I’m looking forward to another amazing, wild, perverted year. 


Ho ho ho! From today until December 31st, 2017 everyone gets 5 free minutes with 20-minutes and 10 free minutes with a 30+ minute hot phone sex call! Your code is 2017 because I have had an awesome year with you. Happy Holidays, from your favorite fuck buddy/mistress!