Young Sex Stories: I Get Scolded For Being A Dirty Old Woman

Dear Perverts, I love to play one particular game with my friends and boy toys. The game doesn’t really have a name, I just ask them uncomfortable sex questions. As you know, young sex stories aren’t usually my specialty but I’m discovering that they aren’t completely off my radar, what with my mommy/son fetish and other details you’ll have to read on to find out…

The other night I was having drinks with Shawn and two of his guy friends.


I ask them if they ever like teenage girls. “Come on, do you ever look at a girl at the mall and get turned on?” They admit if they didn’t know how young the girl really was they might be inclined because it’s true that as you get older you can sometimes barely tell the difference between 15 and 21.

“So what’s the youngest girl you would smash, splash, whatever you guys call it now?” They’re all just laughing at me, but I keep going. “Like if they’re really hot and they initiate everything and hit on you in a very direct way…like, how young?” Young sex stories don’t turn everyone on, but I’m always curious.


Shawn thinks about it for a second and says, “19”. Jared says, “I don’t know but definitely NOT under 18”. Brett says, “Yeah, no way. Like 21.” Then they turn to me, fair’s fair…


“So, what’s the youngest guy you would fuck, Justice?” They already know I’m relatively morally bankrupt and fuck guys at least 10 years younger than me, recalling a particularly ruthless fuckfest with the 19-year-old son of an old boss. So they just wait patiently as I pretend to think, but totally already know the answer.


“Same criteria, right? They’re really hot and they’re pursuing me aggressively and I don’t have to be a creep and chase them?” I ask.

“Yeah, same criteria.” I start laughing. Shawn starts to get that judgmental furrow in his brow.

“How young?”  

“14. But I like I said, he would have to be like incredibly hot and…”

“Wait a second, are you serious?!”

“Yeah like, if they are really hot and they’re calling all the shots? Yeah, like 14.” Shawn, always so passionate in his displeasure with me, says, “I think that’s too young.”

“Well, it’s just a hypothetical opinion. I was going to say 15.”

“Dude, that is TOO young”

“Mel’s son is 16 and he flirts with me all the time – he’s tall and well-muscled, you know, he’s a swimmer and a drummer and he’s probably got a…” Shawn cuts me off, regretting inviting me out, and says frostily, “Why would you want to fuck a kid that young?”

“I was just curious what everyone else would say. I didn’t know you were going to get mad. All I’m saying is it’s hot to imagine being seduced by a young boy. You had fantasies about older women when you were a teenager, lighten up”.


Brett and Jared are chuckling at Shawn’s outrage and I’m also chuckling a bit, enjoying the double standard. Maybe my friends should keep their sons away from me. I might be more attracted to my friend’s 16-year-old son than Shawn right now. Young sex stories involving older women and younger guys do secretly really turn me on. Well, I guess it’s not a secret anymore.


If you ever want to live out that flirtatious, hot, naughty older woman fantasy, you know you’ve got some hot ageplay phone sex waiting for you. If you want someone who will make your cock ache just like it did when you were 15, I’m that older tease you’ve been dreaming of to make your young sex stories come true. 


Fun fact: Did you know that I’m super horny all the time and I love having nasty, raunchy phone sex?